Letter: Will bring dignity, communication to board


To the editor:

As a candidate for selectman in Stockbridge, I would like to express my desire to serve our community and share a few thoughts.

I am attempting to speak with as many of my fellow citizens as possible prior to the election on May 21. In doing so, I have heard a number of concerns; some that have been discussed publicly and others that were heretofore unknown to me. I would like to assure voters that, if elected, I will work to ensure that their comments and concerns are taken seriously and addressed in due course. The list is long and may take considerable time and effort but their concerns are of the utmost importance to me.

Open, effective communication and the sharing of information should be a priority. We all must have access to adequate factual information to make informed decisions.

A sense of teamwork needs to be employed if we are to tackle the challenges ahead. I would like to see our town committees and boards working together to enact fair and effective solutions

I thank everyone who has taken the time to express their opinions and concerns. It is imperative that we maintain our sense of community by continuing to exchange opinions candidly and respectfully.

I have lived in Stockbridge for almost 50 years and have never known nor cared what political party anyone has been associated with; we are all simply neighbors. We are the current stewards of a beautiful, iconic New England town and have a duty to preserve our community and traditions for future generations. Let us proceed with dignity and care for each other and our town rather than with rancor and discontent.

Roxanne McCaffrey,




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