Letter: Willful ignorance and blind loyalty

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To the editor:

A letter published recently from a supporter of this president ("Trump-bashers may be true cultists," Jan. 9) shows the continued unwillingness to recognize and accept the simple truth that surrounds this administration. The deflection, name-calling and accusations made by the writer are the primary conservative talking points of every "news" outlet she listed.

Pointing an accusatory finger back at Democrats who refuse to allow this president to ignore the rule of law and the checks and balances built into our Constitution and the protections of a constitutional government shows not only a willful ignorance of the Constitution but a blind loyalty to a president that has brought us twice — illegally — to the brink of war and threatened war crimes against a country we aren't at war with.

I'll concede this economy is great for the wealthy. However, it's not so great for middle Americans who struggle daily for basic needs and the staggering intentional cruelty leveled at the poorest among us is beyond comprehension.

As an intelligent woman, I will continue to monitor and disregard the barrage of lies and misdirection that are daily reminders we need to make informed decisions in November. My decisions will be based on the truth and not the propaganda heard on conservative talk shows or from the mouth of a bullying president who has shown with absolute clarity that he has no respect for our Constitution or the rule of law. I'm sorry those cartoons hurt the letter writer's feelings.

Holly Turner,




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