Letter: 'Words matter' applies to Trump-bashers

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To the editor:

Yes, words do matter. Some of them have been repeated almost every day since the first Wednesday in November 2016. Words like, "colluded" (with Russia), "corrupt," "bully," "liar," "guilty," "he's not my president," "Impeach. Impeach. Impeach." And lately, "Ukraine," "bribery," "quid pro quo" and calling second and third hand (AKA, "hearsay") information factual enough that he is guilty.

When the duly elected president and/or his supporters respond with the actual facts and truth, the media ignore them. The vast majority of the media coverage of this president has been negative. Why should the letter writer of Nov. 26 expect things to improve, when she is among those using "words that matter?" ("In fight for democracy and decency, words matter.")

The actual "intense physical and psychological harm" can be traced back to Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. It has been over three years and the crybabies who did not vote for the president still can't accept the simple fact that their corrupt, lying candidate (who is married to a sexual predator) lost an election because she did not conduct a viable campaign, and refuses to recognize that she lost again, (remember her campaign against Barack Obama in 2008?) mainly due to her arrogant, condescending attitude, calling her opponent's supporters "deplorables." And, while every poll conducted prior to the election said she would win by a huge margin, she lost.

Got it? She lost.

Yep, words matter. And, so does the truth.

Jim Balfanz,




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