Letter: Working hard for ward and for city of Pittsfield

To the editor:

The time I have been afforded to serve our community has been extremely humbling and rewarding. The voters of Ward 3 have entrusted me to make sure their tax dollars are being spent wisely. I believe I have solidified that trust with my approach to city government.

Being on the City Council is much more than showing up to City Hall two times a month. It requires your attention seven days a week at all hours of the day. As a member of the City Council I have worked with my colleagues to support all departments and their mission to solve the bigger long-term problems we as a city face.

I've spend these four years on the City Council learning as much as I can about our municipal government. Visiting the water treatment plants, riding along with police, completing a 24-hour shift with the Fire Department to name a few. I have done my best to develop positive working relationships with the men and women who make public service their full-time occupation. It's their time and commitment that provide residents with clean running water, safe roads, twenty-four emergency response, and quality education.

At the end of the day, before all else, I am responsible to the residents of Ward 3. I have been and will continue to be available to respond to your concerns when they arise, both through email and on site and will continue working diligently to address each of them in a timely manner. These are the neighborhood issues that may adversely affect your property value. It's the tree needs to be trimmed, the pothole that needs to be patched, the crack in the sidewalk that needs to be mended, or the backed up sewer line.

Being a city councilor means knowing a great deal about a wide range of topics. I believe I have demonstrated this understanding and look forward to being on the front lines of a city with both challenges and positive gains on the horizon.

I am dedicated to promoting a pragmatic approach to city government and working diligently for continued city development. That's why I respectfully ask for your vote on Nov. 7.

Nicholas Caccamo,



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