Letter: Worried that 'helpful' caller hacked computer

To the editor:

My husband died two weeks ago. I had sent a heartfelt email to The Eagle thanking everyone who had come to the wake. Although I had dreaded the day when my family and I would have to say goodbye, it could not have been a more heartwarming experience. My family and I received so many warm wishes and loving comments that I felt fulfilled. The Dery Funeral Home did an outstanding job seeing that everyone was comfortable and able to handle the sad experience.

Not all of my letters are published but those that are generate many nice comments and a positive response from many people. I felt that my letter would probably be used. Unfortunately, the emails I have been sending to friends, family and The Eagle have been unreadable. When they are opened there is just a black screen. I am embarrassed to say that I foolishly believed someone who called me and said that my computer was about to crash. Wasn't I the perfect target — an elderly woman who depends on a computer to complete her days.

I was on the telephone for a long time watching the changes on my computer screen while this person made so-called "corrections." I agreed to pay for the changes and was surprised when I checked my bank account the following morning and found that no charges had been made. An email I sent immediately after was still unreadable.

My problem now is — is someone else controlling my computer and able to do as they wish with my data? It is very troubling and I believe I have cause for concern.

This is a serious problem and one that needs to be addressed since the Information Age is causing problems for so many people.

Connie Dillon Yannone,



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