Letter: Wright, Guiel are winners for wards

To the editor:

Everyone is aware of the upcoming election, but not everyone is going to make the effort to vote. If those non-voters stopped to think, they may just make the effort to go to the polling booth and be part of the decision.

The candidates who are elected to the next City Council will have an impact on Pittsfield's way of life. The Council is the legislative branch of city government, so these men and women have the power to pass laws that we will have to live by: whether we like it or not! So on Tuesday, vote for the men and women you would like to see sitting on the next City Council.

Two excellent candidates want to put people first. Dina Guiel is a candidate in Ward 2, and William Wright a hopeful in Ward 4.

Dina is a bright young woman who has worked successfully in the business world, but feels the most important thing is bringing people into the conversation.

Bill is also a successful business leader, but says his more important qualities are those learned from being a husband, a father, and veteran.

I feel we are lucky to have two such highly qualified people wanting to give their time and talents to our city. Voters in both these wards will be winners if Dina and Bill are part of this important legislative body next January. Please vote.

Edna Dugas,



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