Letter: Wright offers more positive approach

To the editor:

I am a resident of Ward 4 in Pittsfield. Monday night's debate was lively and I was pleased to see that both my councilor, Chris Connell, and the challenger, William Wright, were up to debate the issues that affect our ward and the city.

We are all aware that many drivers speed in our dense, residential ward and something has to be done. Although I think Mr. Connell has tried to advocate for a reduced speed, in the six years he has been my city councilor, little has changed. Why have new reduced speed limits not been put in place yet? I'm concerned that in six years, no new ideas have been brought to the table to address the current issues facing Pittsfield, as well as our Ward 4 speeding issue.

We need people that will not only care about the day-to-day issues Ward 4 and Pittsfield face but who can think larger, more creatively and come up with new approaches. We need change. We need progress. We need councilors who challenge each other, but also collaborate with each other.

I want to see a positive person representing Ward 4. After listening to Mr. Wright speak on city topics, I believe that he has new ideas, that he can help attract new residents to the area and most importantly, that he wants to work with the city officials and his residents to really move the city forward.

It's time for change. I will be voting for William "Bill" Wright on Tuesday, Nov. 7. I hope you will too.

Amy Green,



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