Life partner of Adams crossbow-shooting victim 'still trying to figure out how to go on'

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ADAMS — After the strange and sudden death of her life partner, Tenecia Amos suddenly is the single mom of a 2-year-old daughter.

At the same time, she is trying to maintain her work-life balance and face down the daunting challenge of making funeral arrangements for Joshua Jadusingh and setting up a memorial celebration.

But, that's not the hard part. The hard part is when nighttime comes, the day's chores are done, and she has time to remember the breathtaking shock and the deep grief.

"I'm still trying to figure out how to go on," she said, wiping tears from her eyes. "He was my other half. My co-pilot."

Jadusingh was killed Feb. 5, after he accidentally was struck by a crossbow bolt inside his home on Bellevue Avenue, where he had barricaded himself behind a door to get away from two attacking dogs. Jadusingh had called out for help after the dogs, which were described as pit bull types, became aggressive.

A neighbor heard his cry for help, got his crossbow and fired a shot at the dogs in an attempt to ward them off. The bolt hit one of the dogs, went through the door and struck Jadusingh, killing him.

Amos is trying to shield her daughter from the awful truth that her dad won't be coming home again. When she asks for Daddy, Amos said, she deftly tries to distract her.

"She is a daddy's girl through and through," Amos told The Eagle less than a week after Jadusingh's death. "Dada was the first word out of her mouth. And for him, his daughter was his absolute everything. But, now I have to focus on what's best for her."

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Amos noted that Jadusingh, 27, was the stay-at-home dad and was almost always at his daughter's side.

"He was always involved," she said. "He was always, always there for her from day one — I never, ever thought I would have to be a single mom."

Jadusingh's mother, Cherie McMillian, has come from her home in Palm Bay, Fla., to assist with the arrangements, help Amos with her granddaughter, and to give her son a final send-off. For her, nighttime also is the hard part.

"He was very witty and loving," she said. "Once he got to know you, he would give you the shirt off his back. He was a very good man."

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The incident that led to Jadusingh's death occurred about noon. Jadusingh's two dogs were acting aggressively toward him in his apartment, and he cried out for help, according to information provided by Berkshire District Attorney Andrea Harrington during a news conference last week.

A friend, the next-door neighbor, heard the commotion and grabbed his crossbow to try to neutralize the threat. He reported hearing pleas from Jadusingh to shoot the dog, Harrington said.

But, Jadusingh had ducked behind a door at the top of the stairs as shelter from the dogs. When his neighbor fired the crossbow bolt, it nicked one of the dogs and passed through the door, causing a fatal wound to Jadusingh.

A few minutes later, the dogs were killed by police officers who answered multiple 911 calls about a mauling in progress. According to the police report, the dogs had started attacking the police.

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Amos was called at work, and by the time she got home, the incident had ended. She and McMillian said they still are not sure about the circumstances, and that they have heard conflicting reports, so, they are awaiting the results of the ongoing investigation.

But, Amos noted that Jadusingh had those dogs since they were puppies and they only became a problem when the younger of the two brothers, Maximus, entered adulthood and started seeking dominance over the older dog, Damu. That led to tensions between the two dogs. At that point, they were kept in separate crates.

And, Amos added, they never acted badly toward the daughter, and in fact obeyed her every command. But, she does not know what took place in the apartment that led to the incident. The daughter was unharmed.

Meanwhile, Amos is busy caring for her little girl and setting up the funeral and memorial.

In doing so, she is seeking the money to pay for those expenses. Amos set up a GoFundMe page with a goal of $8,000, or about the cost of the funeral arrangements. By Thursday afternoon, more than $4,600 had been raised.

As for getting on with everyday life, Amos managed to find day care for her daughter so she can keep working, and Jadusingh had many friends who have become a support system for her and the toddler.

"She's got a very dedicated support system in her family, and his close friends are stepping up to the plate, and I'm very grateful for that," Amos said. "She has four or five dads now."

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