Local scores: Pittsfield Little League, Pat Torcia Women's Softball, Shire Shredders


Elk's 8, East Side 4; WP: Chase Cook; Elk's: Christian Aldrich 3 hits (2B), Chris Barosso 2 hits, (2B); East Side: Konnor Dugan 3 hits.

East Side 12, ITAM 7; WP: Justin Reynolds; East Side: Andrew Hammill 2 hits (2B), Camden Koenig 2 hits, Justin Reynolds 2B,Sam Tremblay 2B. ITAM: Ethan O'Donnell 3 hits (3B).

East Side 12, ITAM 7; WP-Justin Reynolds; East Side: Andrew Hammill 3 hits, Samuel Tremblay 2B; ITAM; Ethan O'Donnell 4 hits (2 3B, 2B), Chase O'Donnell 1 hit.

Civitan 12, ITAM 7; WP: Connor Paronto; Civitan: Connor Paronto 2 hits (3B), Tyler Arseneau (3B); ITAM: Evan Roccabruna 3 hits (2B), Gavin O'Donnell (3B).

Police 8, Parkside 5; WP: Quentin Christopher; Police: Quentin Christopher 2 2Bs - Devin Reynolds 2 hits (2B); Parkside: JJ Walker 3 hits (2B), Kyle McGrath 2 hits (2B).

IAC 12, ITAM 7; WP: Jason Codey; IAC-Jason Codey 3 hits (2 HR), Cameron Blake 2 hits (2B); ITAM: Gavin O'Donnell (HR).

East Side 2, Sheriff's Dept 1; WP: Konnor Dugan; East Side: Konnor Dugan 2 hits; Sheriff's: Henry Rapkowicz 2 hits

East Side 8, Parkside 3; WP: Justin Reynolds; East Side: Konnor Dugan 2 hits, Camden Koenig 2 hits; Parkside: Kyle McGrath 2 2B.

Berkshire Bank 13, Parkside 2; WP: Cam Harrington; Cam Harrington 5 hits (2B), Caden Boehm 2 hits, Aidan Carlino 2 hits.

Fire 6, Elks 3; WP: Treyvon Keele; Fire: Jason Fields 1 hit, Aiden Underdown 1 hit; Elks: Chase Cook (HR)

Police 22, Sheriffs 11; WP: Devin Reynolds; Police: Quentin Christopher 4 hits (3B), Jude Barzowsky 3 hits (HR,2B); Sheriffs: Mitchell Hall 2 hits (2B), Henry Rapkowicz 3 hits (2B).

Police 2, Berkshire Bank 1; WP:Chase Wendling; Police: Chase Wendling 2 hits (2B), Quinn Ives 1 hit; Berkshire Bank: Aiden Carlino 2 hits, Caden Boehm 2 hits.

ITAM 24, Sheriffs 21; WP: Ethan O'Donnell; ITAM: Ethan O'Donnell 4 hits (HR, 2 3B, 2B), Gavin O'Donnell 3 hits; Sheriffs: Aidan D'Aniello 2 2B.

Fire 11, Teo's 10; WP:Seth Aiken; Fire: Aiden Underdown 2 hits, Jason Fields 1 hit; Teos: Jack Reed 1 hit - Matthew Egan 1 hit

Berkshire Bank 13, IAC 3; Berkshire Bank: Aidan Carlino 3 hits, Cam Harrington 2 hits, John Mullen 2 hits.

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Pat Torcia Women's Softball League

Results May 29- June 6

NBSM 22, Metlife 18; NBSM: Laura Feder 6-7, Carrie Brassard 6-7 triple and HR, Karen Duverney 5-6, Kelly O'Brien 4-7 HR and grand slam to end the nine-inning game; Metlife: Michaela Dinicola 5-7, Melissa Girard 5-7, Morgan Kierstead 4-6, Sherri Gordon 5-6 HR.

Racing Mart 30, Dave's package/Desperado's 0; Racing Mart: Jane Jezouit 4-6 RBI, Julie Lech 4-6 3 doubles 6 RBI, Teri Iauessa 3-6 double, HR 5 RBI; Dave's/ Desperado's: Janel Currier 1-2, Tonia Whitney 2-2, Allison Pansecchi 1-2.

Bigg Daddy's 25, vs NBSM 7; Bigg Daddy's: Ammie Beauchamp 4-5, Becky Duquette 5-5, Kayla Johnson 4-6, Lisa Williams 4-6; NBSM: Tristanne Chalmers-Adamczyk 3-5, Arica ouimet 3-4, Kim Wall 3-3, Laura Feder 3-5.

Bigg Daddy's 19, Racing Mart 17; BigDaddy's: Kate Haring 3-5, Lisa Williams 5-6 HR, Marian Rennell 3-4; RacingMart: Heather Morse 4-5, Amanda Beckwith 4-6, CindyCottrell 3-4.

Southside 21, Bigg Daddy's 6; Southside Alison Cellana 3-4, Kayla Malloy 3-4 HR, Ashley Ciepiela 4-5 HR; Bigg Daddy's: LisaWilliams 3-3, MaryScanlon 2-3, AmmieBeauchamp 1-2.

Shire Shredders

Race Results

Race four of the New England High School Cycling Association spring series was held at Stratham Hill Park in Stratham, N.H. last weekend. The Shire Shredders jumped five spots from 20th to 15th place in the team standings with a strong performance.

Eric Harrington took first place in the fifth-grade boys race, while Kellie Harrington claimed a gold medal in the eighth-grade girls race.

Hannah Manzolini captured fifth place in the eighth-grade girls race while Maddie Rabuse was seventh.

Aidan Coco bounced-back from a crash to finish 51st in the eighth grade boys race while Taejan Drozd finished 47th in the boys seventh-grade race.

"The competition has been tough," coach Kevin Delaney wrote in an email. " A lot of individual and team competitions are still very much up in the air and will go down to the last race to decide the victors."

Full results from the race can be found here: https://my6.raceresult.com/127240/results?lang=en#0_D4291E


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