Make the appointed rounds


If the United States Postal Service can deal with wind, rain, sleet and snow it should be able to handle darkness. The inability of the Postal Service to deliver mail to some sectors of Pittsfield in a timely fashion is indefensible, the challenges of the Christmas season notwithstanding.

The dramatic increase in mail -- some of it Christmas cards, much of it less joyful credit card bills -- is not exactly unanticipated. Even more predictable is the fact that it gets dark early this time of year. Nonetheless, the Post Office failed to deliver mail to some streets in Southeast Pittsfield this past Saturday and Monday. The Post Office has not laid off any mail carriers despite cutbacks at the federal level, and carriers should be able to work well after dark, as is presumably the case with both UPS and Federal Express.

It's also disconcerting that the local Post Office is unclear as to the specifics of its recent delivery problems. We hope the Post Office takes this issue seriously and is not as blasé as unhappy residents have claimed. Residents have a right to expect better from a government agency of such fundamental importance to Americans.



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