Making the Album with The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow


This multi-part series follows The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow as the band makes its first full-length album.  Reporter Benjamin Cassidy has been given full access and will give readers an inside look at the creative process.


'If we're going to do this, we need it to be successful'

The Americana group will be recording its first full-length album in November

Meet the musicians behind the music

On paper, a line up of five frontmen looks like a recipe for infighting and, actually, just plain fighting.

Meet the producer, Johnny Irion

Johnny Irion has an addiction. "I'm like a musical junkie," the 49-year-old singer-songwriter said.

Preproduction house calls and brainstorming

"I feel like this is the beginning of it all."

Meet The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow's newest member, a 1980s 24-track Studer

The band sets up its studio space to the backdrop of an analog machine

The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow recording begins with the rhythm

Two high-profile guest musicians and a big technical malfunction - all in the first week of recording

So, how much does all this cost?

How can a group of independent musicians, nearly all of whom have day jobs, afford to hire a producer, book acclaimed guest musicians and build a studio?

Overdubs and outlook: 'A serious journey'

The last day of The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow's rhythm recording session for its first full-length album had, naturally, an air of finality.

Ready to mix — and master — it up

Six weeks ago, members of The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow were working through the overdubbing process and preparing to perform songs from their first full-length album in front of a Berkshire audience. Now, following a rollicking Stationery Factory concert a

Mixed, mastered, made: Roadshow album musically complete

Mixed, mastered, made: Roadshow album musically complete

The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow records live music video at Mass MoCA

The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow records live music video at Mass MoCA


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