Match Game: 'Eye' see ... but do you?


Berkshire Eagle photographer Stephanie Zollshan takes our goal literally, giving us a closer look at some of Berkshire County’s hairiest, cutest and most curious residents.

We challenge you to look closely into the eyes of these creatures and see if you can you guess which eye belongs to which animal. 

Here's what you're looking for:

• A southdown sheep

• Aspen, a paint horse

• A tricolor oranda goldfish

• Oakley, a Siberian husky

• Sara, a domestic long hair cat

• Fred, the guinea pig

• Sable, a ferret

• Honey, a lion head bunny 

• A Tunis sheep

• May, a miniature Sicilian donkey

• Gwen, an Angora goat

• Raspberry, a part-Tamworth pig

• A bronze turkey

• A black copper Maran chicken

• A Kayuga — Peking cross duck

• A shorthorn mix cow

When you're done guessing, you can find the answers here.


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