Meet the artists of the Richmond-West Stockbridge Artists Guild

The Richmond-West Stockbridge Artists Guild is holding the second of five art studio tours this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and you're invited.

The tour features 22 artists, many of them local, and spans the mediums of paintings, sculpture, photography, pottery and more. All tours will be held at studio locations, which are scattered across Berkshire County, from Pittsfield to Southfield, Mass. A complete list of participating locations and member artists can be viewed at The event is free and open to the public, though art at participating locations will be on sale.

In preparation for this event, Berkshires Week has shined a spotlight on three participating local artists that you should check out:

Karen Andrews

Karen Andrews, based in West Stockbridge, Mass., considers herself "a magical realist artist who shifts between a love of color and a fascination with gesture." As such, she tends to stick to two-dimensional art mediums, primarily photography and watercolors. Her work is often tethered to individual themes, which is one of the first things she selects when starting an art piece.

Andrews, holding a B.A. in Art History and Studio Art from Oberlin College, runs the Inner Vision Studio located on 17 Cone Hill Road, Richmond, Mass., which is located behind her house, and is just outside of West Stockbridge. In addition to serving as a summer space to show her art, she also holds a "Creativity Coaching" service there.

When asked about the studio tour and her art, she said:

"Open Studios are held in cities throughout the country, and serve as an opportunity for art lovers to meet artists face-to-face,in their natural habitat, and learn about their work and their creative process. ... We are hoping to create some long-lasting relationships that will help artists and art lovers continue to inspire each other."

Leslie Klein

Leslie Klein, also based in West Stockbridge, focuses mostly on sculpture. Her work has been featured in exhibition galleries across the United States, including the University of Massachusetts, Ceramics/Northeast at Herter Gallery and the Gallery of Wearable Art in New York. She has also been commissioned to design a model for the Boston Freedom Award.

She is the founder and director of Clay Forms Studios, located in West Stockbridge, which focuses on clay sculpture. She described her work as being "inspired by the ancient qualities of the clay, usually found intact during many archaeological digs, divulging the history and traditions of a tribe,the fate of a civilization, and the richness of their culture."

When asked about the studio tour, she had this to say:

"The Art Studio tour is a nice opportunity to collaborate with other artists in the Berkshires. It allows us to share our creative life in a very personal way, by opening our homes and studios to the general public. My work space and gallery in West Stockbridge — Clay Forms Studio — is located on a quiet dirt road, in beautiful surroundings."

Clay Forms Studios is located at 30 Austerlitz Road, West Stockbridge.

Janet McKinstry

Janet McKinstry specializes in "fine textured and colorful upholstery and unique findings," all made in the Berkshires. McKinstry is a Great Barrington, Mass., resident, and is a self-proclaimed artist and handbag designer. She's also a pastor.

Her work can be found in the shops of Karen Allen Fiber Arts in Great Barrington, the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Mass., and the Williams College Museum of Art in Willaimstown, Mass.

When asked about the tour, McKinstry said:

"Step into my office ... or shall I say art studio?! For the Richmond-West Stockbridge studio tour I have transformed my pastor's office at the Richmond Congregational Church into a soul feast for the eyes. Hand-made rich tapestry quilts and bags adorn the walls, hand sculpted puppets appear on stage, and mix media paintings of pastoral Berkshire scenes rest on easels. I hope my inspiration inspires you!"

The Richmond Congregational Church is located at 1515 State Road in Richmond.

Other artists featured on the tour Include: Mark Mellinger, acrylic; Leon Nesis, mixed media; Sheli Ronnen, photography; Palma Fleck, sculpture; Keith Emerling, watercolor, oils; Joy Cameron, sculpture; Bonnie Reed, printmaking; Susan Sabino, photography; Adrian Holmes, watercolor; Joel Hotchkiss, mobiles; Hoffman Pottery, clay; Anne Smith, oils; Marcelene Mosca, mixed media; Karen Carmean, oils; Bernard Isaacson, photography; Freya Segal, mixed media; Thea Baker, pastel; Marilyn Orner Cromwell, oils; and Karen Dolmanisth, mixed media.


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