Molly Meczywor named AD at Hoosac Valley

Longtime Drury teacher and administrator Molly Meczywor is trading in her Drury blue for Hoosac Valley red, as the Hurricanes' girls lacrosse coach accepted the athletic director position at Hoosac Valley. Meczywor will also serve as an English teacher at the school.

Meczywor takes over for Michael Henault, who spent four years as Hoosac's AD. He's moving to Reid Middle School in Pittsfield, where he'll be the new Dean of Students.

For Meczywor, making the switch to Hoosac came at the perfect time for her and her family. With her job at Drury in flux, Henault's departure created a great opportunity.

"My position at Drury was an interim position, the interim vice principal position," she said. "A little bit later I found out my position was being cut and transferred over to the director of curriculum and instruction. So things were kind of up in the air at Drury. Then the athletic director and a English position opened at Hoosac.

"I live in Adams, my kids go to school there. ... I'm not sure what life would be like at Drury, so I thought — why not give it a shot [at Hoosac]."

Working in the same community she lives in gives the mother of three (Casey, Carson and Emma) more time to spent with her children. Not only will all three of her children be in the same building during the day, but she'll even have Carson in her English class. The move will be an adjustment for Meczywor, but she's making the move with her families' blessing.

"After speaking with Jeremiah Ames the [Hoosac] principal, I spoke with my family. It was definitely a family decision and ultimately it came down to my kids," she said. "My son [Casey] is going to be a junior and he plays three sports. ... He said 'I really want you to switch over to Hoosac.' So that was a deciding factor."

In total, Meczywor spent 21 years at Drury. She held multiple positions during her time in North Adams, including athletic director from 2011-13.

Leaving the school she's worked at for so long was not an easy choice. She wrestled with the decision, but increased family time won out in the end.

"I felt like I wanted to throw up for a good three or four days," she said after accepting the job at Hoosac. "Something was saying it's time for a change. I loved my time at Drury. Drury was nothing but good for me. Nothing bad happened that prompted it, but my kids are [in the same building]. My kids play sports.

"I missed out on some of the things my kids did and that kind of hit me hard. Very few parents have the opportunity where they can spend more time with their kids. For me I look at it as an investment in my family too."

Henault said he enjoyed working with Meczywor in each of her numerous roles. They were colleagues as AD's, she worked for him as Hoosac's girls lacrosse coach and he worked with her as a teacher to her children.

"In every aspect, she's just a great person and a good role model for the Hoosac kids," he said.

She said her wide range of experience allows her to juggle administrative, coaching and teaching duties. Henault added, that he was glad she applied for the job.

"She'll be excellent," he said. "She was the AD at Drury for three years. She knows the position, she's an excellent coach and she really loves working with kids.

"She's highly motivated and she had a lot of positive energy that she puts into our community. Her kids go to Hoosac and she's meant to be at Hoosac. We were really excited about her application. I couldn't hand it off to a better person."

With the school year quickly approaching, Mecywor knows she must purchase Hurricanes apparel as she switches to Drury's rival school. She said the first Hoosac-Drury basketball game will be an interesting experience with former friends and colleagues sitting on the Blue Devils' side.

Being on the opposite side of the rivalry will be a new experience, and Mecywor said she's ready to embrace and lead a passionate group of Hoosac athletics supporters.

"I know a lot of the kids. I know a lot of the families. I know how involved a lot of the families are in the athletic program and I'm really excited about that," she said. "The passion that they have in Adams, to be involved in that and to feel that type of passion is exciting to me. I have a great coaching staff. Everybody I've met with is in it for the right reasons."

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