Letter: Move on from Mueller to nation's business


To the editor:

Almost simultaneously with the release of the Mueller Report on Russian collusion, the usual suspects started questioning the results and vowing more investigations. At that point I realized this will never be over.

We have spent somewhere north of $25 million over almost two years. It has consumed our fake news networks CNN., MSNBC, and that ilk, and caused a deeper division in the country. Liberal Democrats had a meltdown when they feared President Trump would fire Mueller. Liberals asserted that he was the person to get to the truth. I guess that was until they didn't like the truth. He indicted or charged 34 people; that sounds pretty thorough to me.

The bottom line is that a fake dossier created by liberal Democratic players did not stop President Trump's election: a long and expensive investigation has not resulted in charges against the president to date.

It is time to get back to business. That is what the majority of Americans want and need. There are important challenges facing our country. Congress members need to start acting like adults and do the job they were elected to do.

And the fake news media need to take this investigation off the so-called news. It isn't news. It is a witch hunt instigated by deep state liberal Democrats and fueled by the fake liberal media.

Thomas D. Gilardi,




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