Murder suspect Caius Veiovis fascinates world

Wednesday September 14, 2011

PITTSFIELD -- Caius Veiovis' visage -- horn implants, tattoos of "666" on his forehead, runes running from ear to nose and piercings on the bridge of his nose and through his septum -- is a face that's fascinating the world.

The mug shot and court photo of Veiovis -- one of three men accused in a Berkshire County triple murder -- have become an overnight worldwide media sensation.

The striking pictures of the 31-year-old were picked up by news and general websites from Brazil to Belgium to Slovakia.

The Sun newspaper in England called his photo "one of the most frightening mugshots ever." The Smoking Gun website called it "easily the scariest mugshot of an accused murderer you will see today." The Daily Mail of England likened the photo to the "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" character Gul Dukat.

Caius Veiovis -- pronounced KYE-us VAY-oh-veese -- is being held without bail, along with Adam Lee Hall, 34, and David Chalue, 44, charged with three counts each of murder, kidnapping and witness intimidation. The men -- all of whom have pleaded not guilty -- allegedly murdered then disposed of the bodies of 44-year-old David Glasser, 58-year-old Edward Frampton, and 47-year-old Robert Chadwell late last month.

Prosecutors allege they did it to keep Glasser from testifying against Hall -- a ranking member of the local Hells Angels -- in an upcoming trial for kidnapping, assault and battery, witness intimidation and other charges.

Veiovis is being represented by attorney James Reardon Jr. of Worcester. Reardon told The Eagle that his client has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is waiting to see the evidence of the alleged crimes against him. "So far, there hasn't been any," said the attorney.

While Veiovis' appearance has been capturing attention, he also had his name legally changed. Until 2008, he was known as Roy C. Gutfinski Jr., but changed it while in a Maine prison, according to the Kennebec Journal newspaper.

Other details are emerging about him. Veiovis' criminal history goes back to at least 1999 when he was arrested by police in Augusta, Maine, after he and his teenage girlfriend allegedly slashed a 16-year-old's back with a razor and drank the girl's blood while they kissed one another, according to a Boston Globe report on the trial in 2000.

Later, the two girls would claim he wasn't a participant in that ritual, but a judge found him to be a "principal actor" in it. Veiovis was found guilty of elevated aggravated assault, aggravated assault and reckless conduct. He served more than seven years in prison.

A prosecutor said during the trial Veiovis was a Goth who practiced self-mutilation, drank human blood and told police he worshipped the devil and was a vampire. He was also the subject of court-ordered mental health examinations.

In 2006, Veiovis was charged with kidnapping for allegedly holding two employees of the Foxy Lady, a New Bedford strip club, against their will. The two women called police from a motel bathroom after Veiovis and an accomplice shed their clothing, started snorting cocaine and refused to let the women leave, according to a Kennebec Journal article from 2007. The kidnapping charges were later dismissed, but he was convicted of marijuana possession, triggering probation violation charges in Maine.

Veiovis eventually served 31 2 years in prison for violating probation, was released last April and discharged from probation three months later, according to the Kennebec Journal.


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