NARH: Complete coverage of North Adams Regional Hospital closing


Coverage from Nov. 25 

Story | BMC adds mammography services at Northern Berkshire campus

Coverage from Nov. 7 

Story | BMC opens renovated endoscopy unit at Northern Berkshire campus

Coverage from Oct. 16 

Story | Update: Ecu-Health Care moving into former quarters at BMC North Berkshire Campus

Coverage from Oct. 13 

Story | Resolution before North Adams City Council calls for BMC to expand Northern Berkshire services

Coverage from Sept. 26 

Story | McCann Tech to move LPN program into BMC Northern Berkshire campus

Coverage from Sept. 25 

Story | BMC may have 'near-term' plan for North Adams campus in 1-2 months

Coverage from Sept. 23 

Story | Photos: Stroudwater Associates hold Northern Berkshire community meeting

Coverage from Sept. 18 

Story | Stroudwater report calls for ‘limited inpatient services' in North Adams, Critical Access designation

Document | Stroudwater Report on Northern Berkshire Community Health Needs

Coverage from Sept. 4 |

Story | Officials hail Berkshire Medical Center's $4M purchase of former North Adams Regional Hospital

Coverage from July 1 

Story | Archived: Coverage of Stroudwater Associates public forum

Coverage from June 19

Story | Hearing date set on bid to buy former North Adams Regional Hospital 

Day 65 Coverage from May 27 

Day 60 Coverage from May 21 

Day 59 Coverage from May 20 

Day 58 Coverage from May 19

Day 55 Coverage from May 17 

Day 54 Coverage from May 16 

Day 53 Coverage from May 15 

Day 52 Coverage from May 14 

Day 51 Coverage from May 13 

Day 48 Coverage from May 10 

Day 46 Coverage from May 8 

Day 45 Coverage from May 7
TOP STORY | MNA report: Crippling debt to blame for NARH closure

Day 43 Coverage from May 5
STORY | BMC working within its own union contracts when hiring former NARH employees

Day 39 Coverage from May 1
STORY | MCLA walk-in care center opens to the public
STORY | No ombudsman named to oversee BMC's use of ER

Day 38 Coverage from April 30
STORY | BMC to open non-emergency walk-in care center at MCLA today
STORY | Update: Berkshire Medical Center cleared to set up ER at former North Adams Regional Hospital

Day 37 Coverage from April 29
STORY | BMC bids $4 million for former NARH, other facilities
STORY | State Senate hearing in North Adams gathers input on heroin epidemic

Day 36 Coverage from April 28
STORY | Drury's E3 launches clothing line showing its Steeple City pride

Day 34 Coverage from Saturday, April 26
TOP STORY MCLA health center to serve as temporary acute care clinic
OPINION | Joseph Grande: City's events release a flood of memories

Day 33 Coverage from Friday, April 25
STORY | North Berkshire relieved by BMC deal to buy former NARH
STORY | MountainOne sets up MCLA scholarship for students of former NARH workers
OPINION | Hope in North Adams

Day 32 Coverage from Thursday, April 24
TOP STORY | UPDATE: Berkshire Medical Center set to purchase former NARH; ER could open in mid-May
STORY | Northern Berkshire ambulances suffer consequences of NARH closing

Day 31 Coverage from Wednesday, April 23
STORY | Update: NARH's late-March closing likely to affect April's jobless rate

Day 30 Coverage from Tuesday, April 22
STORY | Motion aims to preserve utility service at former North Adams Regional Hospital

Day 28 coverage from Sunday, April 20

STORY | NARH closing hurts more than just the hospital

Day 27 coverage from Saturday, April 19
COLUMN | Clarence Fanto: No fault in BHS taking their time

Day 26 coverage from Saturday, April 19
COLUMN | Alan Chartock comments on NARH

Day 25 coverage from Friday, April 18
TOP STORY | Move allows Ecu-Health Care to continue serving Northern Berkshire
PHOTOS | Ecu-Health Care's new location on Union Street

Day 24 coverage from Thursday, April 17
TOP STORY | Bankruptcy attorney: Negotiations underway for BMC parent to acquire NARH facility

Day 23 coverage from Wednesday, April 16
TOP STORY | Thousands of signatures deliver single message: Save NARH
STORY | Talks to reopen emergency room at NARH 'positive and productive'

Day 22 coverage from Tuesday, April 15
PHOTOS | North Adams Regional Hospital supporters boarding buses to Boston
VIDEO | Western Mass community members board buses on Tuesday morning to deliver petition signatures to Boston(1/3)
VIDEO | About 90 West. Mass. Community members board buses on Tuesday morning to deliver petition signatures to Boston (2/3)
VIDEO | Western Mass Community members board buses on Tuesday morning to deliver petition signatures to Boston (3/3)
LETTER | Management failing communities

Day 21 coverage from Monday, April 14
TOP STORY | Court hearings to determine NARH emergency service restoration

Day 20 coverage from Sunday, April 13
COLUMN | Maynard Seider: Product of a broken health care system

Day 19 coverage from Saturday, April 12
TOP STORY | Former NARH caregivers get helping hand at resource fair
STORY | Forum seeks answers to future of health care in Northern Berkshire
PHOTOS | NARH Resources Fair

Day 18 coverage from Friday, April 11
TOP STORY | Former NARH employees flock to Pittsfield job fair
PHOTOS | 2014 Berkshire Career Fair
VIDEO | 2014 Berkshire Career Fair at Berkshire Hills CC is packed this year
VIDEO | #NARH RN Angie Lingner speaks about her experience at the Berkshire Career Fair
VIDEO | Robbin Simonetti, #NARH RN, is organizing a bus trip to the Statehouse to deliver petitions to Governor Patrick
LETTER | Come together to save hospital

Day 17 coverage from Thursday, April 10
TOP STORY | 143 former NARH employees hired by BMC
LETTER | A good use for some of NARH
LETTER | Learn and rebuild health system
LETTER | NARH volunteers haven't given up
LETTER | NARH and George Bailey's wisdom

Day 16 coverage from Wednesday, April 9
TOP STORY | Possible relocation of emergency services raises concern at Northern Berkshire community meeting
STORY | Resource fair for former NARH employees to be held Friday
OPINION | NARH salvage operation
COLUMN | Adam F. Falk: Building a new health care system
PHOTOS | Weekly NARH community meeting
VIDEO | North Adams Ambulance updates public of its services during the weekly community meeting at North Adams Legion
VIDEO | MCLA to host community resource fair from 1-4 for NARH
VIDEO | Community meeting at North Adams Legion about NARH closing

Day 15 coverage from Tuesday, April 8
TOP STORY | BMC committed to emergency facility in North County, but it might not be at NARH
STORY |Neal, Senators push action to restore emergency services for North County
STORY | Northern Berkshire Community Coalition forum to focus on health care changes
LETTER | Health care help for county residents
COLUMN | North Adams Ambulance more than a transport agency

Day 14 coverage from Monday, April 7
BLOG | NARH proceedings in federal bankruptcy court
READ | Northern Berkshire Healthcare Chapter 7 barkruptcy documents
LETTER | Ukraine money better spent here

Day 13 coverage from Sunday, April 6
STORY | Help for NARH staff not slowing
LETTER | A severe loss for the elderly

Day 12 coverage from Saturday, April 5
STORY | Unused NARH food donated to local food pantries
COLUMN | Bill Donovan: Leadership gap in North Adams
LETTER | Eulogy for North Adams' hospital
STORY | In a switch, OB/GYN, Family Medicine practices at NARH will stay put

Day 11 coverage from Friday, April 4
OPINION | Aaron Sardell: Leadership psychology and NARH
LETTER | Cruel end to long history of caregiving
LETTER | North Adams failed by state officials
LETTER | Unfair to scapegoat NARH trustees

Day 10 coverage from Thursday, April 3
TOP STORY | NARH parent company files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection
STORY | Nurses union to have say in NARH bankruptcy proceedings
STORY | Community Health Programs provides temporary relief to NARH patients
PHOTOS | CHP mobile medical van provides services at NARH
LETTER | Post-mortem on hospital
LETTER | Identify those behind closing
LETTER | NARH board must be accountable

Day Nine coverage from Wednesday, April 2
TOP STORY | Job fair gives former NARH employees chance for a new start
STORY | NARH community gathers strength, information at forum
STORY | Update: Northern Berkshire Family Practice, Northern Berkshire OB/GYN move set for Monday - maybe
PHOTOS | Job Fair held for former NARH employees
VIDEO | CHP Mobile van is at NARH providing primary care services to those in need
VIDEO | Health care job fair at Clark House on NARH campus
VIDEO | Job fair at Clark House on NARH campus

Day Eight coverage from Tuesday, April 1
TOP STORY | Update: 75 former NARH employees hired for emergency care center
STORY | Community organizations, businesses offer support to former NARH employees
BLOG | Recap of Tuesday's NARH announcements
READ | Gov. Patrick's NARH letter to Berkshire County
COLUMN | John Seven: Shutdown of NARH leaves a lasting scar
PHOTOS | Gov. Deval Patrick speaks about NARH
PHOTOS | Attorney General Martha Coakley speaks about NARH
PHOTOS | Photos of April 1 community update on NARH status
VIDEO | Gov. Patrick speaks to media at MCLA during meeting about hospital closure (1/3)
VIDEO | Governor Patrick speaks to media following meeting at MCLA (2/3)
VIDEO | Governor speaks to media at MCLA about hospital closure (3/3)
VIDEO | Sen. Ben Downing reads a letter written to the community by Gov. Deval Patrick
VIDEO | AG Martha Coakley speaks to media at North Adams City Hall
VIDEO | AG Martha Coakley speaks to media at North Adams City Hall (2/3)
VIDEO | AG Martha Coakley speaks to media at North Adams City Hall (3/3)
VIDEO | A community meeting brings updates on the legal work in progress to save

Day Seven coverage from Monday, March 31
TOP STORY| Officials work toward deal to reopen NARH emergency room as BMC satellite
STORY | Ecu-Health Care, state rush to help cover NARH jobless
PHOTOS | Photos of a closed North Adams Regional Hospital
STORY | Church service spotlights North Adams togetherness, determination to overcome NARH closure
LETTER | Letter: NARH was there, good times and sad
LETTER | Another blow to the common man

Day Six coverage from Sunday, March 30
TOP STORY | Rep. Neal would push for 'critical care' status for North Adams Regional Hospital
LETTER | Community must come together
COLUMN | Tony Dobrowolski: Losing your job is no fun
LETTER | ACA not to blame for NARH closure
VIDEO | A community vigil at First Congregational Church in North Adams
VIDEO | The Rev. David Anderson speaks during vigil at the First Congregational Church in North Adams
VIDEO | People say Psalm 46 during a vigil at First Congregational Church in North Adams
VIDEO | People tie ribbons to a net to represent their worries during a vigil at Fiirs Congregational Church in North Adams
VIDEO | People sing during a vigil at the First Congregational Church in North Adams
VIDEO | Jean Vankin shares her experiences with NARH during a vigil at 1st Congo Church in North Adams
PHOTOS | Community vigil in support of former NARH employees

Day Five coverage from Saturday, March 29
OUR OPINION | Our Opinion: A Gloomy Day
LETTER | Coming together in difficult times
LETTER | Thanks to NARH, Praying for the best

Day Four coverage from Friday, March 28
TOP STORY | NARH ER to close for weekend; finances are that acute, AG says
STORY | Last day at NARH filled with emotions, high drama
STORY | Friday's latest developments at NARH
VIDEO | Videos: Dozens of protesters at NARH, rally outside on its last day
STORY | Downing postpones local meeting to focus on NARH
READ | N.B. Healthcare trustees' open letter to the community
BLOG | Coverage recap of Occupy NARH protest

Day Three coverage from Thursday, March 27
TOP STORY | BMC appointed to resume operation of NARH emergency room
STORY | North Berkshire relieved an ER remains within reach
VIDEO | Judge Agostini's ruling in court
COURT DOCUMENTS | Read the judge's NARH ruling here
STORY | At NARH, protesters line road, occupy cafeteria
PHOTOS | Photos of protests at North Adams Regional Hospital
STORY | For NARH, what will Chapter 7 bankruptcy do?
STORY | NARH union reps hail 'reprieve,' but see more to be done
STORY | Pulling the plug: How NARH got to this point
STORIFY | NARH employees race to cash final checks
STORY | Updated: BHS steps in to keep two practices running
STORY | North Adams mayor urges patience among protesters at NARH
STORY | Live coverage: Occupy NARH protest
OUR OPINION | No quitting on NARH

Day Two coverage from Wednesday, March 26:
PHOTOS | Photos from Wednesday's community meeting to plan to save NARH
PHOTOS | Photos from North Adams Regional Hospital on Wednesday
VIDEO | Emergency meeting at American Legion in effort to save NARH
VIDEO | Pastor Dave Anderson on at Wednesday's Legion meeting
VIDEO | Debbie Poplowski speaks at meeting on NARH
VIDEO | Cindy Bird speaks at Legion meeting on NARH
VIDEO | Mayor Alcombright speaks at Legion meeting
VIDEO | Nurse Robbin Simonetti speaks at Legion meeting
VIDEO | NARH employees meet to discuss the closing
STORY | BHS working with Northern Berkshire Healthcare physician practices
STORY | Community expresses outrage, demonstrations planned through Friday
VIDEO | Organizer speaks on plan for Occupy NARH demonstration
STORY | Independent medical offices to remain open following NARH closure
STORY | NARH employees hoping for the best, planning for the worst
STORY | NARH closure will force injured athletes to travel farther for medical attention
VIDEO | North Adams Mayor Richard J. Alcombright speaks about NARH closing
STORY | Nurses union to host forum Wednesday night in bid to keep NARH open
POLL QUESTION | What is your greatest concern about NARH closing?

Day One coverage from Tuesday, March 25:
STORY | NARH employees angry at management, worried for patients
PHOTOS | Photos of North Adams Regional through the years
PHOTOS | Employees react to the news of NARH closing
STORY | Critical drive time lengthened for ambulances, patients
TIMELINE | A timeline of North Adams Regional Hospital
STORY | BMC adjusts to handle influx of patients, services
STORY | State jobs team to deploy for NARH employees
STORY | NARH closing to have multimilion-dollar impact, ripple effect
STORY | Disbelief, anger greet news of NARH closing
READ | The trustees' letter to NARH employees
DATA | A look at North Berkshire Healthcare financials
OUR OPINION | Ramifications for Berkshires can't be fully predicted


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