Now more than ever, use time wisely

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To the editor:

In all this turmoil we have an opportunity. Yes, this is a disturbing time and isolation can become tedious and boring. But we should look at this as a chance to do something we've never done before.

There are YouTube videos galore that cover a range of topics from electronics to woodworking, from sewing and knitting to making your own transistors at home. We might not have a lot of control over what is happening right now, but we can control what we do with our time.

You should encourage your family to spend less time on video games and social media and to instead take this time to learn something new. Innovation has happened throughout history during times of crisis. The next big thing might get developed in your own home. Knowledge about diseases and vaccines might lead one of your kids to be inspired enough to pursue one of the many fields of science related to investigating and finding cures. An increased understanding of physics, chemistry, mathematics and electronics may lead to breakthroughs far beyond cell phones, video games and virtual reality. But, if we ever have to go through this again, new ways to use the technology of cell phones, video games and virtual reality might help us find improved ways to bring doctors, medicine and hope to people in isolation.

Encourage people of all ages to take this time as an opportunity to shake things up. In my experience, some of the best ideas come from children. They have a very different way of looking at problems. Encourage them as much as you can to use this time well. We should all be trying to find a way to turn this bump in the road into a path to betterment for all of us.

Thomas P. Sullivan,




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