Only in My Dreams has kits for all occasions

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EGREMONT — Event planner Oskar Hallig knows there's potential for something to go wrong at every party, gala or gathering. So, he comes prepared.

A few years ago, Hallig and the team at Only in My Dreams Events, out of Egremont, began making their own "emergency" kits to bring to weddings and parties they organized.

The original emergency kit includes items such as thumbtacks, a hammer, zip ties, needle and thread.

As Only in My Dreams Events' portfolio grew, it brought a whole new potential for party emergencies. Hallig diversified his kits and had the idea that there were likely other people in need of what he's calling "paraphernalia packs" — boxes filled with celebratory supplies.

"Wouldn't it be a fun idea, or useful idea even, to have a box someone could buy themselves and it would have the nuts and bolts of a party and what may have been forgotten," Hallig said.

Only in My Dreams Events began putting together party emergency kits and then branched out to gift kits, which are similar to the emergency ones but contain a few fun surprises, too.

The birthday box, for example, comes with a "happy birthday" banner, streamers, balloons, cake cutter, matches and candles.

Hallig said the boxes shouldn't replace actual party planning, but in a pinch they can be celebration savers.

"It's going to provide everything one would provide to make that event become a birthday party," he said.

So far, Only in My Dreams Events has created about 60 paraphernalia packs. They sell for $35 to about $60 each. Some of the more popular boxes have themes such as wedding, engagement, New Year's eve, LGBTQ Pride, Hanukkah, Fourth of July and Christmas. Only in My Dreams Events been selling the boxes on its website for the past six to seven months. Most of the box sales are done where they're needed: Pride parades, wedding vendor shows, etc. It also has online stores at Etsy and eBay.

Hallig said that to be successful in the Berkshires, or anywhere really, a business person has to create and maintain good working relationships with vendors and associated industry people.

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To fill the boxes, Only in My Dreams does a mix of wholesale ordering and opportunistic shopping, like buying up a bunch of discounted American flags July 5 or pumpkin carving kits Nov. 1.

Only in My Dreams Events got going in September 2013, shortly after Hallig married his husband, Only in My Dreams Vice President Mike

Zippel, and his father passed away. "So much was going on, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make big changes," Hallig said.

Hallig had planned galas and events before for fun and was getting requests from people who wanted to pay him to plan their parties.

"I though, you can do this and get paid for it?" Hallig said with a laugh.

With experience in fundraising, Only in My Dreams Events spent its first three years focusing on galas, but now, about half of its clients are planning weddings. The company also produces drag shows.

Only in My Dreams Events also recently increased its offerings to include event staffing. That means if someone needs a bartender for a soiree, someone to serve and clean up the dishes after a dinner party or a whole catering crew for a big event, Hallig can fill those positions.

"This isn't a service that's currently served, and I get requests from all over the county," he said.

In the future, Hallig said two paraphernalia boxes he would like to develop would center around marijuana and the best products of the Berkshires.

"I think people want to take a little piece of the Berkshires home with them," Hallig said.

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