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A shot across bow for DeLeo

House Speaker Robert DeLeo persuaded membership to eliminate term limits for his office three years ago, which is unfortunate because unlike, for example, the governor, the "speaker for life" doesn't answer to all of the state's voters. He answers only to the voters of Winthrop and Revere — true democrats with a small "d" who on Tuesday easily passed a nonbinding referendum advocating a return to eight-year term limits for the position of Speaker. They also overwhelming passed another nonbinding referendum requesting a repeal of the 50 percent pay hike Mr. DeLeo granted himself in 2017. Massachusetts expressed its unhappiness with kings more than two centuries ago and it doesn't care much for king-like behavior. Speaker DeLeo should heed his constituents and make it a priority this session to restore term limits to the the position of Speaker.



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