Our Opinion: Baker: Back 'conversion therapy' ban


There are currently two bills moving through the state Legislature that would ban the practice of "conversion therapy" — a form of counseling designed to "cure" homosexual tendencies — on minors. This so-called "therapy" has resulted in cases of depression and suicide, and has generally been discounted as crackpot science by medical and psychiatric professionals. In light of this, it is difficult to countenance Gov. Charlie Baker's half-hearted endorsement of the bills, by saying he's only "inclined to support" them without explaining the nature of his apparent concerns. We urge the Legislature to move forward quickly after first dropping the religious exemption in the House bill that would undermine the law, as has a similar exemption to the law requiring children to be vaccinated. A bill that bogged down in the Legislature last session should then be signed by the governor, ending this barbaric practice.



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