Our Opinion: Does West want a part of Olympics?


Governor Charlie Baker has told reporters he believes that Boston 2024 will expand its plans for a Boston Summer Olympics westward. That should happen if Boston wins its Olympic bid, but it remains doubtful that Boston can or should.

The Eagle has maintained that the Berkshires and Western Massachusetts should host some events, if for no other reason than it is inevitable that taxpayer money from across the state will be spent on the games in some capacity, most likely infrastructure improvements. This could potentially broaden support for the games in the event of a statewide referendum on whether or not state money should be spent on the Olympics if Boston is selected by the IOC.

Governor Baker cautioned that he had no "insider knowledge" of what Boston 2024 is planning, and indeed despite management changes its thinking remains largely a mystery to all. Boston Magazine and the Boston Business Journal last week revealed documents from earlier in the process calling for a $1 billion goodie bag for Boston, including building of a headquarters hotel. The governor nixed the plan, and Boston 2024's response that the plan was not essential suggests it is filling its shopping cart and trying to get what it can past the register. Not a way to win support.



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