Our Opinion: What is argument against solar growth?


If anyone is opposed to the growth of solar power in Massachusetts they appear to be hiding in the shade. Yet progress is still being bottled up on Beacon Hill.

Solar industry officials, workers and municipal officials descended upon Boston Tuesday to make the case for a stalled bill designed to foster growth of the state's burgeoning solar power industry. According to the State House News Service, they presented a bill containing 5,170 signatures in support of their effort.

It has been more than year since the limit on incentives for homeowners and others to produce and sell power back to the grid was reached. It is incumbent upon legislators to lift the net metering cap and extend metering credits, which enables companies and communities to sell excess power to the grid at retail rather than wholesale prices, making the clean energy source economically feasible. In the past year, 550 solar projects and more than $600 million in investments have been needlessly put on hold according to the Solar Energy industries Association.

The bill currently stalled in a House-Senate conference committee may not be ideal, but its lack of progress when the only possible opponents can be the threatened fossil fuel industry and its legislative defenders is telling. If there is a case to be made for blocking the growth of the solar industry we wish someone would come out of the dark and make it.



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