Pittsfield public parks: 31 places to play

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Many residents of Pittsfield and nearby towns will spend a hot summer day by the water at Burbank Park or

walk their dog at Clapp Park. But did you know that Pittsfield is home to 31 public parks ranging in size from

0.1 to 246 acres? Located all over the city, these parks all have something unique to offer. Are you in need of

a new reading spot? An outdoor basketball court? A quiet, enclosed field for a family picnic? Or perhaps your

kids are tired of playing at the same playground over and over again? We have you covered! This provides a

description and location for every single park in the city of Pittsfield. Let this be your chance to explore

unchartered territory and find a new favorite spot!

Carrie Bak Park

150 Danforth Ave.

Located at the corner of Dewey Ave. and Danforth Ave., Carrie Bak Park offers a children's playground,

a swingset, and a wildlife viewing tower. A tall tree in the center of the 0.7 acre park provides shade to

the playground as well the two benches and picnic table. There are a few parking spots in front.

Ray Crow Park

25 Winter St.

Ray Crow Park sports a big playground parallel to a basketball court with some field space in between.

There are several benches and three picnic tables beside the playground, which also contains a

swing set. Trees on either side of the playground provide some shade. Street parking only. (0.9 acres)

Park Square

1 Bank Row

Park Square is located in the heart of downtown Pittsfield. Shaped more like an oval than a square,

the space contains a beautiful fountain in the center surrounded by benches and trees. Although parking

options near the park are limited, the five crosswalks that lead to the space make walking to or through

the park easy. (0.7 acres)

Persip Park

175 North St.

A small sitting space facing North St., Persip Park has six benches situated among several manicured

gardens and trees. The backside of the park overlooks the train tracks and lights make the park

accessible at all hours of the day. A black pillared structure gives the space its own personality. (0.1 acres)

Skate Plaza

1 Appleton Ave.

Adjacent to Pittsfield High School, the Pittsfield Skate Plaza is the only official skate park in the city.

(0.5 acres)

Sotille Park

200 North St.

Across the street from Persip Park, Sotille Park has five benches for seating in a space filled with miniature

gardens and small trees. The brick ground and black pillar and wood structure above the space make the

space an attractive spot to sit and relax. Like Persip Park, the back of Sotille Park overlooks the train

tracks. (0.1 acres)

Tucker Park

190 Robbins Ave.

Surrounded by trees on all sides, Tucker Park has three basketball hoops and a large playground.

Despite a lack of field space, benches facing the basketball court and playground provide some sitting

area. Street parking only. (0.8 acres)

Wellesley Park

50 Wellesley St.

Situated in the center of a residential neighborhood, Wellesley Park is full of trees and sitting area.

The flat triangular space contains a single bench in the middle. Street parking only. (1 acre)

Kirvin Park

974 Williams St.

Containing a playground, swingset, two soccer/lacrosse fields, basketball court, and a disc (frisbee)

golf course, 227-acre Kirvin Park has plenty to offer. A sizable parking lot just past the entrance allows

for easy access. Although cars must park in the parking lot with the exception of events, a paved road

cuts through the center of the park all the way to Sackett Brook. Walkers can opt to navigate the grassy

hills on either side of the road on mowed paths. Except for some medium-sized trees in the center of the

park, Kirvin remains mostly open, making it a popular dog-walking spot.

Marchisio Park

276 Dalton Division Road

Marchisio Park has a basketball court, playground, beach volleyball court, softball field, and a large,

flat, open field. A large parking lot separates the park from the road and makes for greater accessibility.

Tall trees surround the park and Brattle Brook runs alongside the right side. (19 acres)

Brattlebrook Park

200 Longview Terrace

Designated as a conservation area, much of Brattlebrook Park remains uncleared. There is a large

soccer field surrounded by tall grass and with the forest looming in the background. Bumpy and filled

with potholes, Longview Terrace Ext. runs through the middle of the park and has limited parking space.

(138 acres)

Deming Park

84 Meadow Lane

Located in the heart of a crowded part of Pittsfield, Deming Park is home to a Little League baseball

field, regulation-sized baseball field, batting cages, basketball court, and large playground. Deming is

equipped with a large parking lot, public bathrooms, and some sitting/walking area behind the Little

League field. (9.6 acres)

Springside Park

874 North St.

Set away from the urban center of Pittsfield, Springside Park is a 246 acre space that contains a small

playground, swingset, tons of trails through fields and the woods, gardens, Little League field, Softball

complex, and basketball court. The park can be accessed from North St., Springside Ave., and Benedict

Road Springside Park contains Rotary Park on Springside Ave., which has two playgrounds, multiple

swingsets, and a baseball field, not to mention plenty of parking. Springside also contains Gerald S. Doyle

Sr. Memorial Park, which is home to four softball fields and a baseball field. Another space included in the

Springside accessible by foot on Springside Ave., is a space with a swingset and a gazebo containing

six picnic tables.

The Common

100 First St.

Pittsfield's most central common space, The Common offers residents a basketball court, playground,

substantial seating areas, which include benches and picnic tables, a gazebo, a splash pad in the summer and plenty of green space.

The Common is also often used an event and performance venue. There is a public parking lot right across

the street. (7.1 acres)

Burbank Park

500 Lakeway Drive and Valentine Road

Conveniently located on the coast of Onota Lake, Burbank Park offers nearly all water-related activities

including swimming areas, a beach, fishing pier, and a boat ramp/house. Along with a paved walking path

that traverses the side of the lake, there is plenty of grass space for seating, music, picnics, and BBQ.

Situated farther away from the water sits a playground. Other amenities include picnic tables, public bath-

rooms, beach volleyball court, slides, swings, and walking trails. There is a large public parking lot. (188 acres)

Highland Park

37 Highland Ave.

Highland Park contains a slide, swingset, several picnic tables, flat field with a hill on one side and several

trees. Nearby street parking only. (2.3 acres)

Pontoosuc Park

40 Hancock Road

Pontoosuc Lake Park has a public boat launch, swimming areas, and dozens of picnic tables shaded by

tall trees, not to mention a beautiful lookout at Pontoosuc Lake. A large parking lot sits at the top of a steep

hill filled with trees and picnic tables. A staircase leads down to a flat grass before the waters, which is

perfect for lawn chairs and picnics. (23 acres)

Clapp Park

233 West Housatonic St.

Complete with a baseball field, basketball court, soccer field, Little League field, walking/running track,

playground and swingset, Clapp Park is a popular outdoor destination in Pittsfield. The park is notable for the

large hill beside the athletic fields (ideal for sledding). Several benches along the front edge of the park face

inward. After entering the park off West Housatonic St., a short drive leads to a big parking area. (33 acres)

South St. Mem. Park

295 South St.

Majestically located on top of a hill, the South St. Memorial Park is home to a Veterans Memorial adorned with

a big beautiful garden and a sitting area. Limited parking available. (2.2 acres)

Lakewood Park

301 Newell St.

Home to a softball field, soccer field, basketball court, and two tennis courts, Lakewood Park is a scenic

outdoor athletic space. Trees line the backside of the park, which is located right off the road. No parking is

readily available. (6.3 acres).

Belanger Ath. Facility

375 Newell St.

Belanger Athletic Facility has a Little League field, soccer field, playground, and picnic tables. There is a

paved walking path around the circumference of the park, which also has lights. There is a sizable parking lot.

No pets allowed at the park. (5.5 acres)

West Mem. Park

50 Cheshire Road

Tucked away across from Allendale shopping center, West Memorial Park is a big flat field with tall

trees on all sides, swings, slide, and a see-saw. There is plenty of sitting area but no benches or tables.

Limited parking available. (4 acres)

Allen Heights

150 Windsor Ave.

Allen Heights is a small narrow field tucked away in a residential neighborhood. Surrounded by trees and with

no available parking, the hidden park has a big playground, swingset, see-saws, picnic tables and benches in

the shade. There is also a softball/baseball backstop in one corner of the field. (2.3 acres)

Crane Park

100 Dartmouth St.

Home to Pittsfield's only outdoor floor hockey rink, Crane Park sits right out in the sun with few trees for shade.

Located on the corner of Dartmouth St. and Springside Ave., the fenced in park also has a basketball court,

swingset, several benches and an open field. There are 13 parking spots on the edge of the park. (1.9 acres)

Wahconah Park

105 Wahconah St.

Known for its historic baseball stadium, Wahconah Park is home to the Pittsfield Suns of the FCBL. A huge

parking lot sits next to the stadium. The park also contains a basketball court. (102 acres)

Coolidge Park

220 West Union St.

Located next to Silvio O. Conte Community School, Coolidge Park has two playgrounds, two swingsets, a

basketball court, large fields and a network of trails. Parking available in the school parking lot. (28 acres)

Durant Park

30 John St.

Durant Park contains a big playground and swingset, several picnic tables and benches bathrooms, open

grass fields, a softball field and a basketbll court. Street parking only. (2.1 acres)

Dorothy Amos Park

320 West St.

Dorothy Amos Park has three adjacent basketball courts with bleachers. In addition, the park has a large

playground, swings and many benches and picnic tables. Although there is no nearby parking, there is a bike

rack. (2.1 acres)

Lebanon Park

185 Lebanon Ave.

Lebanon Park sits off the side of the road in a residential neighborhood with no nearby parking. The park is

mostly just a large field with a basketball court, swingset, and slide all close to the road. (6 acres)

Osceola Park

50 Osceola St.

In addition to a basketball court, swingset, slide, and large flat field, Osceola Park is home to Pittsfield's only

sledding hill with a rope tow back to the top. With plenty of sitting area and tall trees aligning the perimeter,

this park is peaceful and located in a quiet neighborhood. There's also a book donation/take box. There is a

two car parking lot. (9 acres)

Fred Garner Park

300 Pomeroy Ave.

Located next to the East Branch Housatonic River, Fred Garner Park offers a soccer field, canoe launch,

and extensive trail network. With a central parking lot near all three amenities, the park is perfect for a quiet

hike or picnic. (10.2 acres)


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