Podcast | S01 Episode 5: Can millennials make it in the Berkshires?


PITTSFIELD - Employment, housing, transportation and broadband are just some of the issues facing Berkshire County in retaining and attracting members of the Millennial Generation.

The current generation of young adults, known as millennials and who range in age from their late teens to their mid-30s, is a vied-for demographic for the aging Berkshire County.

This age group tends to have particular needs and preferences when it comes to deciding where to live, work, play and socialize. Nurturing the young talent and future leaders of Berkshire County is seen as critical to the health and success of the region's economy.

In The Berkshire Eagle Podcast, which is available online at BerkshireEagle.com and on iTunes, host Mark Mills talks about the challenges and opportunities for millennials as he sits down with Jonathan Butler, president and chief executive officer for the 1Berkshire economic development agency; Sheila Hidalgo, community engagement officer for community philanthropy at the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation; and Eagle Business Editor Tony Dobrowolski. The group discusses what's being done to encourage young people to launch their careers and establish their families in the Berkshires.

Although there are many lifestyle amenities here, this group identifies three key issues that tend to turn the millennial market away from this region.

Here's a gist of the conversation ...

- In addition to "the three most concerning issues" for millennials, Jonathan Butler said "workplace culture is important to them."

- Shela Hidalgo said these three issues "give some pause" to millennials as they think about whether "one wants to put their time, resources and energy here."

- Tony Dobrowolski said the approach employers take with millennials has to change with the change in industry and resources here. "There's a hangover of what used to be in the Bekrshires and change at the same time."



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