Podcast | S02 Ep 8 Donald Trump’s War on the Press


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As major news organizations report on Robert Mueller’s investigation, the Stormy Daniels saga and the chaotic comings and goings of Trump administration personnel, the president rails against fake news. He attacks the news media to discredit their stories, and his followers give full-throated support in their disdain for the press.

Meanwhile, ideologically-driven websites and social media posts present truly fake news which millions of Trump backers take as gospel. America’s tribalism has reached the point where we cannot agree on a set of facts, let alone public policies to address the nation’s problems. It’s a challenge not only for journalism, but for the future of democracy. 

In this edition of the Berkshire Eagle podcast, host Mark Mills discusses these issues with Ray Suarez, formerly of NPR and the PBS NewsHour, and Ralph Whitehead, Jr., retired professor of journalism at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. 



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