1969: Mogens Amdi Petersen, a 30-year-old schoolteacher in the Danish city of Odense, quits his job to see the world.
1970: With 11 friends, Petersen forms the Traveling Folk High School. Using an old bus as a classroom, the group begins to travel throughout Denmark. A school in Tvind, a farm near Ulfborg on the west side of Denmark, is established. For the next seven years, the school will teach 10,000 students in 135 countries, and a dozen schools based on its collectivist principles are formed in Europe.
1972: Twenty-year-old Jytte Martinussen joins the Traveling Folk High School. Martinussen is the current director of the Institute for International Cooperation and Development in Williamstown.
1977: Tvind's first roadside clothing bins appear in Scandinavia, and the main common economy between Tvind's followers is founded. The Teacher's Group is born. The organization Humana People to People is founded by Teacher's Group members to help refugees in apartheid Rhodesia.
1979: The TG's membership has swelled to 80 from the original 12.
1981: The first American TG organization is established in a former nursing home in Mathews County, Va. The school is intended to house and educate mentally disturbed wards of the state.
1985: The school in Virginia is decertified and closed down by state authorities. The Humanitarian Foundation, a tax-free charitable trust to be used to promote environmental research and humanitarian work, is started. TG members commit 15 percent of their salaries; the foundation will gather $10 million over the next 14 years.
1986-1987: Humana People to People used-clothing charities are founded throughout Europe.
1986: IICD-Williamstown is founded.
1991: Citing false advertising, health and safety issues, questionable ethics and fundraising practices, and inadequate preparation for work abroad, 15 IICD-Williamstown students make a formal complaint to the Massachusetts attorney general's office.
1992: IICD-Michigan is founded in Dowagiac.
2001: Under suspicion of fraudulent financial practices, seven Tvind offices are raided by policein Denmark. Two offices belong to e-advice, an educational consulting firm where Martinussen is employed.
2002: Petersen is arrested at Los Angeles International Airport and charged with tax evasion and fraud. The prosecution maintains that the TG inner circle — composed of a handful of top-ranking individuals with Petersen at the center — laundered Humanitarian Foundation funds though TG companies and offshore accounts, and socked away $25 million in illegally earned tax credits and embezzled funds. At the hearing in Los Angeles, Petersen is defended by celebrity attorney Robert Shapiro. Petersen is extradited to Denmark. Also in 2002, another complaint about IICD-Williamstown is sent to the Massachusetts attorney general's office.
2003: Martinussen becomes educational manager of IICD-Williamstown after leaving her position at the e-advice consulting firm in Denmark. In September 2006, she takes over as executive director in Williamstown.
2003-2006: Six members of the Teacher's Group, including Petersen, are on trial in Denmark.
August 2006: District Judge finds Petersen and four other TG associates not guilty as accused, although one is found guilty of minor fraud and receives a suspended sentence. Danish prosecutor announces an appeal.

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