Letter: Restaurants need to clarify holiday hours


To the editor:

We were fortunate to have good weather and good times over the holiday. We had kids and grandkids from far away. A fine time for all, with a glitch!

Our daughter had kindly offered to treat us all to dinner on the Fourth, since it really was a bit hot to make the feast she had planned. As a group we survived the inevitable, "Where shall we eat?"

We narrowed it down to a fine-sounding place that has been mentioned in the Eagle quite often lately.

We called and were pleased to hear a voice message that assured, "We'll be open at 5."

Like troops with a mission, we now had a plan and a 5 o'clock rendezvous. We divided and headed differing directions. Some headed to the hills; some stayed closer to camp.

As the arranged hour arrived, we did too, one vehicle from the west, one from the east. And it did take a brief moment for it to sink in: there was not another vehicle in the entire, enormous parking lot. We'd been had! "Hello. We're here; you are not!"

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Panic, hungry child mumblings, and a befuddled adult mood began to fill the parking lot. And frantic calls were made. Closed. No Answer. The reports coming in were not good. Finally we were able to make voice contact with a human at a restaurant back on the other side of town!

The good news was that they were open. But only till 6.

All worked out, at least for our group. Others were lucky as well. The hostess actually seated folks until 6:20. Not so fortunate was the group of 20 or so who walked up just as I was walking away.

So my advice to the restaurateur who stood us up at 5 on Thursday: Fix your voicemail!

"We are normally open at 5, to help you enjoy a fine dinner. Today we don't feel like cooking, so it's up to you. Happy Holiday!"

And to every other restaurant, tavern and inn, a similar message on all the other "machines" who answered would not hurt my feelings at all.

Paul M. Costelloe



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