Letter: Road treatment unacceptable after small snowfall

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To the editor:

I cannot believe that during the Feb. 6 storm, being of small nature, plows and or salt/sand city trucks were unable to get to side streets, which were many, until 14 hours after the snow stopped.

Streets were solid ice, with no attempt to clear them. This is unacceptable. It looked like whoever is in charge had no clue on how to handle movement of city vehicles or contractors.

With a mild winter, I don't want to hear about the budget being depleted. Maybe the mayor could get off her duff and check things out during storms to see what is actually happening or not, instead of relying on others to give bad information. The only good thing was that potholes were filled with ice.

It's not rocket science to have a logistical plan. I have lived in snowbelts for many years with no problems. Even with multiple feet, snowfall was taken care rather timely manner.

Politicians should stop worrying about raising taxes and solve problems at hand.

Maggie Smith




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