Running into fall: Cook wins Greylock Federal's Fall Classic 5K

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NORTH ADAMS — A year ago, Thomas Cook took second in the Greylock Federal 5-kilometer Fall Classic. On Sunday, the Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter School runner took care of that and obliterated his second-place time from last year all in one fell swoop.

Cook covered the 5 kilometers in 18 minutes, 6.03 seconds, a time nearly 43 seconds faster than what he ran last year.

"I'd say it was a good day, good weather," said the 16-year old Cook, a junior at BART. "It was a PR on this course. I felt strong and good.

"I've been dying to win [the race] for years."

Cook beat two-time defending champion Brandon Williams by more than 14 seconds. Williams, who set a personal best last year, ran a 18:20.45 in 2017. That time was some 18 seconds off his PR from last year.

Williams' finish was sandwiched between a pair of youngsters. Cook won, and 11-year old Ollie Swabey finished in third. Swabey, a student at Pine Cobble School, finished third for the second consecutive year. His time of 18:29.73, was just under 30 seconds faster than the 18:58.66 he ran a year ago.

"He's something, I tell you," Williams said of Swabey. "He's going to be winning this thing before you know it. I wouldn't be surprised in the next couple of years, if not next year."

When the race began, Cook and Swabey actually led after the start at Monument Square, and led the 100 runners as the took the left onto Route 8.

"I felt strong right from the start," said Cook. "I wouldn't really say I broke away from the guy behind me. I started putting distance on him about the turnaround, down where the old ice cream shop used to be."

Cook was referring to the two-mile mark on State Road after circling Old State Road, when the runners begin making their way back to downtown.

"Last year, we were neck-and-neck, and I pulled away from him probably where he really put distance on me," Williams said. "He definitely came out strong."

Also coming out strong was Swabey. The crowd on Main Street did cheer as he followed Cook down to the turn at the Holiday Inn. The sixth-grader at Pine Cobble said he was thrilled with his finish.

"It was actually my personal best by 20 seconds, so that was great for me," he said. "I think I kind of lead the race at that point every year.

"I'm normally at the front of most races. I love leading races. It's just a great glory feeling."

The top female finisher was Kari Davignon of Adams, who was 16th overall in 23:11.60, beating Jennifer Bosworth (23:23.52), who finished 17th.

Davignon said she had never competed in the Fall Classic.

"This was the first time that I had done this one," she said. "It was nice. It was a good day for it. The wind was a little blustery at time.

"It was the first time I ran [the course]."


Top finishers

1. Thomas Cook 18 minutes 6.03 seconds; 2. Brandon Williams 18:20.45; 3. Ollie Swabey, 18:29.73; 4. Paul Gage, 18:38:43; 5. Jake Eberwein, 19:30.14; 6. Joel Pekosz, 20:45.53; 7. William Schrade 20;52.74; 8. John Daub 21:42.31; 9. Brett Bullett 22:34.56; 10. Kevin Gage, 22:43.91.

11. James Durand 22:46.02; 12. Dave Hall, 22:50.74; 13. Braedon Delmolino, 23:02.26; 14. David Lipinski, 23:03.49; 15. Jorge Bond, 23:07.47; 16. Kari Davignon, 23:11.60; 17. Jennifer Bosworth, 23:23.52; 18. Darryl Carlson, 23:37.82; 19, Carly Skorupa, 23:46.07; 20. Bob Dion, 23:46.33.

21. Jan Rancatti, 23:47.12; 22. Steve Denquillt, 23:50.85; 23. Scott Krzanik, 24:11.28; 24. Michael Levesque, 24:27.29; 25. Jesse Egan Poirer, 24:56.59; 26. Isaac Huberdeau, 24:58.29; 27. Chase George, 25:11.41; 28. Kyle George, 25:11.61; 29. Omar Ameen, 25:17.81; 30. Fred Scully, 25:22.98.

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