This Story in History | From the Sept. 14, 1944, Eagle: Squirrel moves family into City Hall quarters


There are squirrels today in the City Hall, possibly for the first time in over a century that the old building has withstood the storms and sunshine of Berkshire winters and summers.

This fact can be sworn to by numerous witnesses. Between 12:30 and 1 this afternoon, a mother gray squirrel was seen plodding her way across the street at intervals from City Hall Park to the City Hall lawn with four young squirrels which she carried in her mouth, individually, up the large locust tree east of the main entrance to the building and thence to the roof of the building via an overhanging limb. Then she disappeared over the peak of the roof of the main building and down onto the roof of the rear annex. Apparently, there is access to the attic for during the last few days occupants of the building have heard sounds emanating therefrom apparently caused by mother squirrel preparing a nest for the reception of her young.

Many passersby watched the skillful technique of the squirrel as she transported her young hopefuls across traffic and up the tree. Each little squirrel had its forearms thrown tightly about its mother's neck in the so-called parlor stranglehold so familiar to many human adolescents. A drop of about five feet had to be made from the end of the overhanging limb to the metal roof of the building. When it came to this point in the procedure, mother squirrel would hold her head high to prevent her children from being injured.

Those watching the family moving were at a loss to know whether it was in anticipation of high waters in the Berkshires from a possible visitation from the hurricane or the near approach of cold weather that actuated mother squirrel in her decision to get into higher and warmer quarters. The young apparently had been born in a hollow tree in City Hall Park.

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