Staff picks: What we can't stop watching right now ...

'Shameless' on Hulu, Netflix and Showtime

Don't be afraid to binge this show, just make sure the kids are asleep first.

"Shameless" is wild. There really isn't any other way to put it. Jam packed with swearing, sex, drinking, drugs and just all around inappropriate behavior, you might not want your children watching, it truly is an adult-only series. But, you'll be hooked from the very first episode. You'll love to hate the characters.

Following a dysfunctional south side Chicago family, "Shameless" features an alcoholic father, bi-polar and absent mother, a gay son, a book-smart drug user, two younger siblings trying to find themselves and an (adopted?) baby brother. Leader of the pack is Fiona, a 21-year-old woman playing Mom and Dad to her five younger siblings. Their situation is far from ordinary and you may fall in love with some of the characters, but not so much their decisions.

— Gionna Nourse, news designer

"The Crown," on Netflix

I'm amazed at how well star, Claire Foy, captures Elizabeth's speech patterns, upward lilt of phrases, and is completely convincing as the monarch. It's never easy to portray someone everybody is familiar with, and she must have studied her extensively. I understand the Queen, herself, is a devotee of the series also. This in spite of an unvarnished view of Prince Philip as a cad. The series humanizes her, and I'm guessing it's done a lot to solidify the monarchy in the U.K.

— Chan Lowe, deputy Editorial page editor/cartoonist

"The Santa Clarita Diet" on Netflix

"The Santa Clarita Diet," a Netflix Original Series, is a meaningful look at the connection between family, wealth, life, death, cannibalism, zombies, ancient infectious disease, and upper middle class California. Seriously.

— Stephanie Zollshan, photographer


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