Tanglewood tales: Cynthia Meyers, piccolo

Cynthia Meyers, piccolo

Q: Where will you be staying this summer?

A: We have a house in Lee that we've had since 2008.

Q: Who is planning to stay with you or visit you?

A: My husband is usually with me for about three or four weeks. He plays at a music festival in Grand Teton National Park in the summer, so he heads out there in July. And then I'll have various family members come to visit. Friends always come to visit. My oldest son is actually playing Tanglewood — he's helping out at Tanglewood — for the last two weeks with the TMC [Tanglewood Music Center]. He's a former fellow, so he'll be with me for a couple weeks.

Q: What do you like to do during your free time in the Berkshires?

A: Garden. I'm a big gardener, so I spend a lot of time planting native plants. There used to be a place in Great Barrington called Project Native that I loved to go to, but they've moved; I think they're in Alford now. They just opened a place called Helia Native Plants, so I'm planning on spending some good time down there.

Q: What's your favorite Berkshires restaurant?

A: If I didn't say this, my children would kill me. So, Baba Louie's.

Q: Which cultural institutions do you visit while you're in the Berkshires?

A: We've been up to the Clark [Art Institute]. I love the Clark. Norman Rockwell Museum, I take my family to and visitors to. We probably visit them at least once or twice a summer. I love The Mount. I usually take family over there. And I love Naumkeag and Chesterwood. I've gone to Chesterwood a few times. That's where I usually take people to visit.

Q: What's the best experience you've had during summers in the Berkshires?

A: As a musician, it's almost hard to quantify. I think being onstage with Bernard Haitink doing Mahler No. 2 would be a highlight for me as a musician. As a listener and as a parent, being able to hear both of my kids play. My oldest son was a TMC fellow for three summers, and my youngest son was a BUTI [Boston University Tanglewood Institute] student for three summers, so being able to hear them play and having my oldest son actually play onstage with us, with the Boston Symphony, as a fellow was really exciting. They're hard to quantify. There are so many great things that happen at Tanglewood.

Q: What's the strangest experience you've had during summers in the Berkshires?

A: We were having this conversation with my husband and my son the other day, and they all involve animals. The weirdest thing was the family of raccoons that came out during a concert and just came out through the audience. All of a sudden, you look out, and there are raccoons. There was a family of raccoons who made a nest on one of the rafters up there. Things like that, or foxes wandering through the [Koussevitzky Music] Shed at various times. And at my house, it's sitting, having coffee, and looking up and thinking, 'Oh, the neighbors have a really big cat,' and then realizing, 'No, that was actually a bobcat that came through the yard,' [or] coming home and having your garbage can knocked over by a bear. They all involve animals.

Q: What's your favorite outdoors spot (other than Tanglewood) in the Berkshires?

A: I have to say Monument Mountain is one of my favorite places to go and also Mount Greylock. I love being up there.


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