Tanglewood Tales: Toby Oft, Principal Trombone

Toby Oft, Principal Trombone

Q; Where will you be staying this summer?

A: My parents bought a duplex several years ago to live at Tanglewood full-time, so I will be renting the other half of their house for the summer.

Q: Who is planning to stay with you or visit you?

A: It's a large house, so as usual, this summer there will be a combination of family, friends and students. Tanglewood is all about community, so it is great to have lots of people out who share a love of beautiful music, good food and the outdoors.

Q: What do you like to do during your free time in the Berkshires?

A: I usually indulge in various creative projects. I love to take lots of pictures, so I'm usually out with my big camera photographing wildlife, headshots for friends, and various aspects of rehearsals and concerts. I like to get back into running for exercise and to work on my website.

Q: What's your favorite Berkshires restaurant?

A: Lenox Coffee in the morning, 6 Depot for lunch, and Brava! at night.

Q: Which cultural institutions do you visit while you're in the Berkshires?

A: Obviously, there is the Rockwell Museum and Jacob's Pillow, but I will tell you the members of the BSO are my cultural institution and I love getting to know what drives their creative energy when we all have this time at Tanglewood. All of us seem to explore extraordinary outside projects. From gourmet homemade pickles to cabin restoration, acting classes to physical fitness, the members of the BSO are my cultural inspiration that never cease to amaze and inspire.

Q: What's the best experience you've had during summers in the Berkshires?

A: I love watching my kids play in the afternoon in the shady sunshine of the Tanglewood Tree. Hearing their laughter mingled with the music of BSO rehearsals is the closest to heaven I've ever been.

Q: What's your favorite outdoors spot?

A: I love to get lost in the back trails of Richmond. Hidden creeks, forgotten roads and dancing afternoon sunlight helps me find myself each year all over again.


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