The Cottager: The Complete Series


The Cottager | Gilded Age art on display in the Berkshires

Gazing into the mirror was the only way the bar's patrons could view the scandalous painting. A red velvet curtain was hung over the painting so that it obscured it from being viewed in any other manner.

The Cottager: Friendly Thistlewood neighbors caused a stir

Mrs. Lydig was more than a neighbor and "my lifelong and dearest friend" as described by Schemerhorn in his will. It was rumored the two were lovers and planned to marry.

The Cottager | Blantyre: A fantasy world from another time

When work commenced on the house in 1901, the New York Tribune would report that Paterson's new house, modeled after a "Scotch feudal castle" was a "pile of brick and stone, which will cost its owner $300,000." The New York Times would later estimate the


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