This Story in History | From the July 7, 1947, Eagle 'Saucers' seen here but reports debunked


Four local persons have reported seeing "flying saucers" over Pittsfield, but most of six others, queried at random on North Street this morning, debunk the whole idea.

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph H. Wilkinson of 140 Pomeroy Ave., Mrs. Sidney R. Smith Jr. and her son Robert of 145 Bartlett Ave., said they saw one of the disks while watching the Fourth of July parade Friday morning, at approximately 10:45. They said it was at a very high altitude and going fast in a southerly direction.

Describing the saucer, Mrs. Wilkinson said that it looked like an airplane at first, but upon closer scrutiny, appeared to be a round silver object, quite luminous. Mrs. Smith reported she first spotted the disk in the distance. It seemed to be a round, colorless, luminous object with a peculiar rolling motion.

This morning's survey produced the following opinions:

George Henzel, photographer: "I certainly don't think it's just imagination, not with so many people seeing them. It's either what some foreign government is sending over, or an experiment of our own Army."

George Pechewlys, Rosa Restaurant counterman: "I think it's people's imaginations. I haven't seen any flying saucers myself, except for one I threw out in the kitchen the other day."

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Louis Weller, Palace Cut Rate proprietor: "These people that say they saw them are nuts. If they look long enough, maybe they'll find the cups and spoons to go with them. I'm a veteran of both wars, and from my experience I say you can't reach this country with something controlled by radar."

John Metro, Electrics third baseman: "I don't know what you're talking about. I never heard of them."

Philip C. Ahern, Pittsfield Taxpayers' Association secretary: "I've had spots before my eyes, but I haven't seen any saucers. I think it's one of those things that catch on — people hear about them and think they see them."

John (Buck) Foley, Foley's Restaurant proprietor: "Somebody's got the DTs."

From one end of the country to the other, new reports of disk-like "flying saucers" skimming through the skies added to the mystery which has baffled the nation since June 25.

There was no satisfactory explanation. The saucers first were reported seen in the state of Washington on June 25. Then persons in other Western states said they had seen them. The peak came over the July 4 holiday, when they first were reported seen east of the Mississippi.

— Selected by Jeannie Maschino


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