This Story in History | From the July 8, 1943, Eagle Baby's diapers will come tumbling down if pin shortage isn't relieved


The supply of diapers has held up surprisingly well, but unless some safety pins are received soon, down will come baby's panties and all, with liberal paraphrasing of that old nursery ditty.

That's the lowdown on the Pittsfield diapers and pin situation, and if you don't believe that the two items mentioned are as complementary as ham and eggs, well, brother, you just haven't been around. This quest of truth was prompted by the assertion made in Congress by Rep. Frances P. Bolton of Ohio that lamentable shortages of both diapers and pins constitute a serious threat to the modesty of youngest America and an open invitation to widespread strip teasing.

Anyway, local infants' wear department women say the pin question is as acute as the thrust of one of the same, although diapers, general speaking, are more numerous than in some parts of the country. They are not plentiful by any means. One store has imposed a limit of one dozen to a customer.

Out of town reports state that baby experts have not devised any way of fastening diapers without pins, but several of the women who discussed the problem today appeared to be more resourceful. One exhibited justifiable home town industrial consciousness when she proposed a plastics substitute. They make just about every other thing out at 1 Plastics Avenue, she said. She had no blueprints on her proposed model, however, indicating definitely that the next move, if any, will be up to the plastics strategists.

That, in our opinion, was really getting to the seat of the trouble. Another proposal is the creation of a belt. The major hitch to that seems to be the limitation it places on expansion and adjustment.

— Selected by Jeannie Maschino



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