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Berkshire County bird counts find 50-plus species

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The Hoffmann Bird Club held its annual Christmas Bird Count in Central Berkshire County with 24 participants, identifying 51 species on Dec. 14.

The day was not the best, being rainy, foggy and misty for most of the morning. Team A covered Central Pittsfield; Team B, most of Dalton, Washington and Hinsdale; Team C, southeast Pittsfield; Team D, southwest Pittsfield, parts of Richmond and Lenox; Team E, northwest Pittsfield.

Here are the totals for the day:

Common loon: 1

Canada goose: 343

Mute swan: 3

American black duck: 5

Mallard duck: 334

Greater scaup: 3

Lesser scaup: 1

Hooded merganser: 25

Common merganser: 20

Wild turkey: 29

Great blue heron: 3

Bald eagle: 2

Sharp shinned hawk: 1

Cooper's hawk: 4

Red-shouldered hawk: 1

Red-tailed hawk: 11

Rink billed gull: 53

Rock pigeon: 411

Mourning dove: 176

Belted kingfisher: 6

Red-bellied woodpecker: 13

Yellow-bellied sapsucker: 2

Downy woodpecker: 43

Hairy woodpecker: 12

Northern flicker: 3

Pileated woodpecker: 3

Northern shrike: 1

American crow: 205

Common raven: 7

Horned lark: 7

Black-capped chickadee: 299

Tufted titmouse: 37

White-breasted nuthatch: 31

Brown creeper: 4

Carolina wren: 3

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Golden-crowned kinglet: 5

Eastern bluebird: 39

Hermit thrush: 2

American robin: 266

European starling: 1,395

Cedar waxwing: 128

American tree sparrow: 11

Song sparrow: 18

Swamp sparrow: 3

White-throated sparrow: 49

Dark-eyed junco: 177

Northern cardinal: 81

House finch: 97

American goldfinch: 91

Common redpoll: 7

House sparrow: 106

Total Species 52

Total individuals 2,671


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The North Berkshire Count, held on a chilly (2 to 18 degrees) Dec. 21, was compiled by Pam Weatherbee with 47 participants. Fifty-two species were identified with a total of 2,671 individuals:

Canada goose: 1

American black duck: 13

Green-winged teal: 1

Wood duck: 1

Mallard duck: 43

Common merganser: 13

Hooded merganser: 21

Ring-necked pheasant: 1

Wild turkey: 144

Great blue heron: 2

Bald eagle: 1

Cooper's hawk: 4

Red-tailed hawk: 30

Rough-legged hawk: 2

American kestrel: 1

Herring gull: 2

Rock pigeon: 214

Mourning dove: 115

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Great-horned owl: 2

Barred owl: 6

Belted kingfisher: 3

Red-bellied woodpecker: 27

Downy woodpecker: 45

Hairy woodpecker: 35

Northern yellow-shafted flicker: 5

Blue jay: 248

Common raven: 12

Horned lark: 2

Tufted titmouse: 83

Black-capped chickadee: 294

Red-breasted nuthatch: 3

White-breasted nuthatch: 75

Brown creeper: 10

Carolina wren: 14

Golden-crowned kinglet: 8

Eastern bluebird: 45

Hermit thrush: 2

American robin: 151

Mockingbird: 1

European starling: 459

Cedar waxwing: 38

American tree sparrow: 6

Field sparrow: 1

Song sparrow: 18

Swamp sparrow: 1

White-throated sparrow: 64

Dark-eyed junco: 196

Northern cardinal: 61

House finch: 32

American goldfinch: 65

Common redpoll: 7

House sparrow: 43

Total Species 52

Total individuals 2,671

Also seen count week were a red-winged blackbird and purple finch.

The South Berkshire Count and comments from our reader survey on feeder birds will be included (hopefully) in the next Naturewatch.

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