Topless bathing is about equality

Wednesday, December 12
The point of designating an area to top-free sunbathing is not to provide erotic entertainment for people's viewing pleasure. The point is to create safe space for women who desire to feel the sun on their breasts for emotional and physical well-being.

Are officials scared that if cities designate public space to women's right to top-free sunbathe that they will lose business? I guarantee that top-free sunbathing will not take the place of erotic entertainment and will not infringe on the money-making power of that industry.



The writer has proposed a topless bathing area in Pittsfield's Onota Park.

  • Although the person petitioning for a beach area for top-free women has fine intentions, the idea is a poor one. It constitutes apartheid for women. There should be no laws requiring women to wear tops. Heterosexual men do not own women's breasts.

    It's appalling that area officials are using their conservative discriminatory prejudices to trump women's equal rights.

    Ancaster, Ontario

    The author is the co-ordinator of the Topfree Equal Rights Association.


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