Trump's shutdown shows he needs to go


To the editor:

When Donald Trump said "Make America great again," what exactly was he referring to: the country or himself?

Did he use those words because he meant it or just to get himself into the White House?

I believe the situation he's gotten this country into with this preposterous idea of his of building a border wall and shutting down the government proves his campaign slogan was nothing but a big lie.

I don't believe he meant it when he said 'Make America great again. I mean, look at him. He's not even a politician; just some hot-headed real estate agent with millions of dollars in his pocket who wants only to get more and saw the presidency the perfect place to get it. A person who, now that he's there, believes he's free to manipulate the world to his advantage.

Does that sound like a president of any kind?

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George W. Bush didn't do as rotten a job as this guy is. It's a sham.

He wants to throw away $5.6 billion on a project in the form of a border wall and intends to hold the federal government hostage until they give him the money.

The guy is millions of light years over his head.

He's not making this country great in any way. He's dragging this country down in flames and it's getting worse every minute.

I beg Nancy Pelosi and all the Democrats who now control the House: Do this country and yourselves the best deed you can possibly do. Make America great again . . . by getting Donald Trump out of the White House!

Brian Isaac



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