Unlimited Nutrition: A 'different flavor' for Spring Street

New Williamstown shop specializes in healthy smoothies, calorie-burning teas

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WILLIAMSTOWN — As MCLA students, Jackie Therrien and Mackenzie Huntoon would drive nearly an hour to West Sand Lake, N.Y., to work on their senior thesis papers at a store selling healthy teas and shakes.

Now, Therrien, 25, and Huntoon, 22, are bringing those healthy drink options to Williamstown. The pair opened Unlimited Nutrition on Jan. 5 at 31 Spring St., where they offer a menu of more than 20 flavored teas and shakes.

"It's something that we felt like this area really needed," Therrien said. "Something that is a little bit healthier, that's fun, that's different. And we were obsessed with it. We were driving all the way out there to go get them because they're so good, and we liked it so much. So we figured if we love it, maybe [other] people will, too."

Unlimited Nutrition's drinks use Stevia, a plant-based sweetener, so they often end up being much healthier than they taste, according to Huntoon. She and Therrien borrowed many of the recipes from the New York store, Unbreakable Nutrition, but they came up with some original drinks, as well. Tea flavors include "Greylock Sunrise," "Rockwell Raspberry," "Berkshire Berry" and "Eph-ternoon."

"You would never know there's no sugar in our teas," Huntoon said. "They're negative calories, so they're thermogenic. You burn about 100 to 135 calories while drinking them."

Therrien and Huntoon are also currently redesigning their menu of protein shakes to include more fruity flavors, which they say have been popular so far, although some candy-themed options, like "Butterfinger," "Snickerdoodle" and "Birthday Cake," will remain. Their shakes are plant-protein based, using Herbalife Nutrition products.

Beyond just the drinks, Therrien and Huntoon said they wanted the store to be a place where locals, particularly younger people, might want to hang out. The pair spent months redecorating the space, which formerly housed Subway, to make it a welcoming environment with "a positive atmosphere and good vibes," in Therrien's words.

"There are not very many things for teenagers to do, especially," Therrien said. "My youngest sister is 15, so I like that this is somewhere she and her friends come, and they sit around the table and take their selfies."

With only one employee helping the owners, the store has had a busy first few weeks. But looking ahead, the owners have big plans for Unlimited Nutrition's role in the community. Paint and sips, trivia nights and a "shake party" are likely coming soon. Other goals include fundraising for charities.

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"One day a month, or maybe a week out of the month, we'll do a special tea where a dollar from each tea will go back to a charity," Huntoon said.

They're also working on a rewards program and a student discount, and they plan to put in additional seating soon.

Given Unlimited Nutrition's proximity to Williams College's athletic complex, some student-athletes have begun to frequent the store, where they can get a caffeine boost from a tea or a post-workout meal replacement in a protein shake.

"I'm halfway through the menu," said Ben Anthony, a Williams senior who plays football and lacrosse. "I think it's just a really good, healthy alternative. ... I get my caffeine for the day, and I haven't had a bad tea yet."

"The location's great," added Kyle Hourihan, a classmate and teammate of Anthony's. "It's right across the street from the gym. I think we came here at first because it was new, but it tastes really good, so we keep coming back."

Therrien and Huntoon have also been in contact with McCann Technical School about setting up internships through the school's business program.

"We thought that because we are two young women who started a business in our 20s, we might have some good insight for some of the younger women that are there," Therrien said.

Unlimited Nutrition's owners are quick to admit that the store differs from its Spring Street counterparts in many ways, but they said they've had very friendly interactions with both customers and surrounding businesses so far. As they get settled into their new home, they're hoping to establish Unlimited Nutrition as a fresh and friendly spot where students and young people can socialize while sipping their drinks.

"We're definitely new," Therrien said. "We're definitely a little bit of, I think, a different flavor than Spring Street is used to."


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