Vignette: Sheaffer Eaton Clock Tower Complex


Now, the Clock Tower Business Park and Clock Tower Condominiums LOCATION: 71, 75 S. Church St., Pittsfield.

ORIGINAL PURPOSE: The building was originally built as a clock factory, but became a paper manufacturing facility after it was sold 20 years following its construction.

PEAK EMPLOYMENT ESTIMATE: The number of people employed at the height of the mill's use as a paper manufacturing facility could not be determined, but by the end of the 1930s the complex was expanding, and Eaton Paper was manufacturing 2,000 different items of paper stock.

PRESENT-DAY USE: The business park contains several commercial businesses. Two other buildings house 23 condominium units.

HISTORY: What is now a sevenbuilding complex was originally built in 1883 by the Terry Clock Co. In the 1890s, the building was acquired by Arthur W. Eaton and his associates, who formed the Eaton Paper Company. At the time Eaton purchased the mill, it was the world's largest plant for converting fine stationery paper.

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The Sheaffer-Eaton Company was created in 1976 when Eaton Paper merged with the Sheaffer Pen Company of Iowa. In 1987, Sheaffer Eaton sold the building to the Lawrence K. Miller family, who owned The Berkshire Eagle.

In 1990, the building was named to the National Register of Historic Places as the Eaton, Crane & Pike Company factory. In 1995, the Miller family sold the complex to Media News Group, one of the nation's largest newspaper chains, and houses The Berkshire Eagle and other businesses.

TODAY: The Clock Tower Business Park is owned by New England Newspapers Inc. The Clock Tower Condominiums are owned by the individual condominium owners. "I feel honored to be able to use this building for day-to-day operations," said Kevin Corrado, The Eagle's publisher.

"Although it's old, it is very functional and has a certain charm about it."

UNIQUE: The clock tower still contains the original time piece installed by the Terry Clock Co. in the 1880s.

- Tony Dobrowolski


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