We asked Toby Oft ... what's your favorite song?

Boston Symphony Orchestra Principal Trombone Toby Oft is known around the orchestra pit for his eclectic taste in music. When The Eagle asked if there was anyone in the symphony who would be willing to contribute a playlist, Oft didn't hesitate to answer the tough questions: Just don't ask him what his favorite song from a musical is, because, really, you should already have a good guess ...

What's your favorite ...

... country music song?

Eagles: "Take it Easy" This is by far the most played track on any device I own. I love the story it tells and I truly enjoy the virtuosic banjo solo in the middle. "We may lose or we may win, but we will never be here again ..." Words to live by — take a deep breath and go for it!!

... song to play for an audition?

Mahler: "Symphony No. 3" The three trombone solos are easily the most specifically expansive in the repertoire. I found it extremely liberating to unleash a song with all dynamic extremes from piano dolce to thunderous cantabile for several minutes at auditions.

... breakup song?

Bob Dylan: "If You See Her, Say Hello." If you were actually in love with someone, there's a lot of truth in there for moving on, but taking memories with you.

... love song?

Paramore: "You Are the Only Exception." I think it's such a great allegory for life's surprising beauty — you make room to embrace real love when it comes along because pain is actually more difficult to hang on to forever.

... rap song?

I don't listen to rap music enough to have a true favorite, although I really enjoy the genre.

... song from a musical?

...... you seeaariously need to ask me that? "The Music Man," "76 Trombones." Ha ha ha!! NEXT QUESTION!!

... song to belt out in the car?

Bee Gees, "Stayin Alive." Maybe it's the volume or the tessitura, but I have arrived hoarse to my destinations many a time ... although I always seem to be alive when I get there — so far my strategy is working.

... song to perform live?

Beethoven, "Symphony No. 9" I think it is possibly the most perfect and complete symphony ever conceived.


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