Wells, Seid lead way for Mount Greylock cross-country team in home meet

WILLIAMSTOWN — Both Jesse Seid and Jacqueline Wells successfully defended their home course at Mount Greylock Wednesday afternoon, while simultaneously helping lead the Mounties to a 4-0 day on the cross-country course.

Greylock dominated on a slightly altered course at the high school, which now runs a quick 4.2 kilometers. Seid roared to a win in 14 minutes and 30.88 seconds, leaving some distance between himself and teammate Sam Culver (14:39.07) and Pittsfield's Amin Purry (14:40.98).

"I was scared at the end that Sam would catch me, and if he had a half-mile more he probably would have," said Seid. "I went out faster than I usually would in a longer race. I tried to get away from everyone at the beginning, I really wanted to set the tone from the beginning and run away from the field. I don't like leaving it to a sprint at the finish, because I won't win that."

Wells attacked the second half of the course, pulling away from the county's elite in Lenox's Ellen Huth and Monument Mountain's Grace Phair to finish in 16:52, more than 13 seconds ahead of the runner-up.

"She went after those same kids down in Lenox a few weeks ago," said Greylock girls coach Larry Bell. "I thought she ran real smart. Being at home probably helped. She knew the course, knew how to run it and what was coming around the bend."

Seid floored it right from the start and entered the woods with a three- or four-second lead about two miles into the course. At that point, Culver was jockeying with Taconic's Jacob Paris (fourth, 15:03.45). Purry was a bit behind that duo, but came on strong later to finish third. Greylock's Owen Brandriss (15:13.14) led the remaining runners and held strong to land fifth and force three home runners into the top five.

Brandriss' work in holding off Pittsfield's Paul Wales, who finished less than a half-second behind, helped key a team victory over the Generals 20-37. Greylock also knocked off Monument 15-45. Josh Cheung was sixth and Jacob Fink finished ninth to solidify all five scoring Mounties in the top-10.

The Mounties weren't alone in the winner's circle, as Taconic also picked up two team victories. Led by Paris' work up front and a solid middle pack of runners, the Braves defeated Lenox 22-37 and got a huge win over rival Pittsfield 27-30. Sophomore Chris Adams had a huge race to land 11th, one spot in front of Pittsfield's Steve Taglieri. Then, Mike LaFreniere, Brandon Pelkey and Zabion Powell filled it up 14-16 to finish off the Generals.

"Chris was huge today, he went to running camp and is really buying in and that was big, him out-kicking their third guy," said Taconic coach Paul Phelps. "Depth is a big deal for us, we're a young team and it can be a mixed bag. But today we ran great and we forced their fifth guy to score 12 because we packed in so many runners. I tell the kids every day, you don't have to be top-five to have an impact and that was what won us the meet today."

Phelps will return his entire roster next season, but has his squad gearing up for the County Championships and Western Mass.

While Huth and Wells duked it out for the individual girls title, next week is the circled date when the Millionaires and Mounties will score against one another. Bell's squad will square off against Jeanne Teasedale's Lenox powerhouse at Wahconah Regional High School on Wednesday, Oct. 18 at 4:30 p.m. The Warriors and Mount Everett will also be competing.

"We're looking at next week and we'll be prepared, but we're more concerned with what's beyond that, a month away," said Teasedale. "We'll have a team meeting tomorrow to figure out how we want to approach these two races that we want to do well in. I know in the big picture, the girls want that ultimate prize."

For this week, it was the Greylock girls picking up wins over Monument 23-38 and Pittsfield 15-48. While Wells was alone in the top-five, Katherine Swann landed sixth in 17:47.40 and senior Lilliana Wells was eighth. Mackenzie Sheehy and Miriam Bakija went 10 and 11, ending a series of Lenox and Greylock trading spots.

"That'll be the big showdown next week. I'm sure we'll have everybody going if we can," said Bell. "The girls know, you can see it on their faces, especially with Lenox here today, they're looking down the line and counting. They're scoping out our kids in street clothes. I hope we made Lenox better years ago, and they sure made us better recently. It's hard to get good without competition."

The Millionaires picked up a win over Monument as well, with Ava Bachman (17:45.75) in fifth, Marion Huth in seventh and Tate Morrison ninth to back up their overall runner-up.

"They want to run, they're excited. It's going to be interesting to see with Greylock and Monument with some really strong runners," said Teasedale. "We're trying to get that gap with our fifth runner to our first runner down. It's at two minutes or so now. If we can do that, then we know we'll be solid going into Western Mass."

The meet also featured a tight 25-30 win for the Pittsfield girls over cross-town rival Taconic. Cameron Diehl was the first General in, placing 12th overall. Her time of 18:42.75 edged Taconic's Mary Hayes (13th, 18:45.44) to set up the victory.

While the Spartans dropped two team results, it was still a strong day individually for Grace Phair and Jasmin Johannsdottir. Phair placed third in 17:21.15, while Johannsdottir had a superb finish to earn fourth place in 17:44.87.


Boys Results

Team scores — Mount Greylock def. Monument Mountain 15-45; Mount Greylock def. Pittsfield 20-37; Lenox def. Monument Mountain 25-30; Taconic def. Pittsfield 27-30; Taconic def. Lenox 22-37.

Top 20 — 1. Jesse Seid (MG) 14:30.88; 2. Sam Culver (MG) 14:39.07; 3. Amin Purry (P) 14:40.98; 4. Jacob Paris (T) 15:03.45; 5. Owen Brandriss (MG) 15:13.14; 6. Paul Wales (P) 15:13.39; 7. Josh Cheung (MG) 15:20.06; 8. Ted Yee (L) 15:35.36; 9. Jacob Fink (MG) 15:46.42; 10. Peter LaRochelle (MM) 15:48.69; 11. Chris Adams (T) 15:52.62; 12. Steve Taglieri (P) 15:53.52; 13. Ryan Silverstein (L) 16:05.95; 14. Mike LaFreniere (T) 16:07.23; 15. Brandon Pelkey (T) 16:16.54; 16. Zabion Powell (T) 16:18.79; 17. Mike Goretti (MM) 16:20.29; 18. Adam Shepardson (P) 16:24.25; 19. Colin Young (L) 16:28.26; 20. Thomas Rabasco (T) 16:38.55.

Girls Results

Team scores — Mount Greylock def. Monument Mountain 23-38; Mount Greylock def. Pittsfield 15-48; Lenox def. Monument Mountain 23-37; Pittsfield def. Taconic 25-30.

Top 20 — 1. Jacqueline Wells (MG) 16:52.00; 2. Ellen Huth (L) 17:05.29; 3. Grace Phair (MM) 17:21.15; 4. Jasmin Johannsdottir (MM) 17:44.87; 5. Ava Bachman (L) 17:45.74; 6. Katherine Swann (MG) 17:47.40; 7. Marion Huth (L) 17:52.54; 8. Lilliana Wells (MG) 18:14.53; 9. Tate Morrison (L) 18:22.00; 10. Mackenzie Sheehy (MG) 18:35.86; 11. Miriam Bakija (MG) 18:36.96; 12. Cameron Diehl (P) 18:42.75; 13. Mary Hayes (T) 18:45.44; 14. Ainsley Abel (MG) 18:53.25; 15. Helen Greenfield (MG) 19:02.13; 16. Peggy Yee (L) 19:11.34; 17. Isabelle Bote (MG) 19:13.47; 18. Sophia Mele (MG) 19:18.75; 19. Alice Najimy (L) 19:20.62; 20. Hannah Flynn (MM) 19:36.06.

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