Williamstown Elementary School 'Student Author Night' celebrates student words and voices


WILLIAMSTOWN — With its book character parades and guest author visits, many people are familiar with the "Words Are Wonderful" community-wide festival that happens each fall at Williamstown Elementary School. But literacy and developing a young person's love for writing and reading is something the school strives to embrace and celebrate year-round.

On April 5, parent volunteers and teachers partnered to put young writers in the spotlight with a "Student Author Night" held at the school. Last month, the organizers put out a call for interested students in kindergarten through Grade 6 wanting to share their work in a mixed-age group, facilitated by a parent or community member.

According to event coordinator and parent-teacher organization member, Kathleen Igoe, a total of 59 Williamstown Elementary students volunteered to share a range of work, including poems, fairy tales, short stories, and excerpts from their essays, journals, reports and letters. Facilitators Liza Barrett, Liz Costley, Peg Kern, Katherine Meyers, Anne Sulzmann and Rebecca Tucker-Smith moderated each group to create a warm, positive and encouraging environment where students felt comfortable with sharing their own words in their own voices.

Here are three pieces of writing from Williamstown Elementary School student authors:

"The Rainbow Deer"

Story and illustration by Anna Pervere, kindergarten

Fuzzy the rainbow deer likes to eat leaves with cherries in them. Inside the cherries is milk. Standing by the river, she is full of happiness and joy. She wanted a friend. Then she saw a bear that would be great for a friend. The bear is standing close to the sun so her mommy likes her to eat cold fish from the waterfall. Even though the rainbow deer and bear look a little different, they will always be best friends because they care about each other.

The end.

"No Freedom: A Poem About a Jewish Boy in World War II"

Poem by Morris Israel, Grade 2

Used to be

free to walk

now not even free to talk

I don't know why I'm here

now my eyes are drooping tears

No Freedom

No Freedom

No Freedom

No Freedom

Don't understand

why you're mad

but it makes me

really sad

I hear gunshots

here and there

I hear gunshots everywhere

No Freedom

No Freedom

No Freedom

No Freedom

Safer now

the war is done

but now the Cold War

has just begun

No Freedom

No Freedom

No Freedom

No Freedom

"Dark Night"

Poem by Mila Marcisz, Grade 5

Trees hidden in the dark

Making an ark

Above the moon

The mountains, a far off dune

In front of the night sky

What a sight

The night!


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