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Jennifer Huberdeau

Features Editor


Jennifer Huberdeau is The Eagle's features editor. Prior to The Eagle, she worked at The North Adams Transcript. She is a 2021 Rabkin Award Winner, 2020 New England First Amendment Institute Fellow and a 2010 BCBS Health Care Fellow.

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Looking for a fun and filling treat that will turn heads this Halloween? A platter stacked with skull-shaped calzones is sure to grab anyone's attention, especially if they're stuffed with gooey …

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The division between the worlds of craft, decorative and fine arts has been slowly dissolving for the past decade. A new exhibition at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art aims to shatter what's left of those barriers. 

"Ceramics in the Expanded Field," opening Saturday, Oct. 16, brings together eight artists who integrate ceramics with other artistic practices, including photography, video, painting and performance. 

Creamed tuna is often thought of as being a Depression-era dish, mostly because of its low-cost ingredients, the ability to stretch the dish with little effort and its versatility (you can serve it over crackers, biscuits, toast points, rice, noodles or in a tuna noodle casserole.) But, the origins of creamed tuna go back further than the Depression, back to the days when salted cod was a dish on many tables, canned salmon was a cheap commodity and tuna was still considered a sport fish.

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