Kevin Moran is the executive editor of The Berkshire Eagle.

A number of our scribes keep the Berkshires their home and make The Eagle their careers. Others grow their careers from here to the New York Times and Washington Posts and Boston Globes of the world. Think Danny Pearl (the intrepid investigative journalist at the Post) and Craig Walker (the two-time Pulitzer winner for photography) and Priscilla Painton (vice president and editor-in-chief at Simon & Schuster) and Roger Linscott (The Eagle editorial writer who brought home a Pulitzer). This list here is certainly abbreviated; the complete list would take several more columns like this one. Nevertheless, let’s add Larry Parnass to this list.

Later this fall, The Eagle’s new Magnum press will be up and running. It’s the newest in a long line of printing presses that have spanned a 242-year publishing history. Today, we look back on these workhorses of journalism and visit with the folks who keep the presses rolling.

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