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Isaac Huberdeau

Isaac Huberdeau

School: BART

Awards: 2022 RIT Computing Medal, Berkshire Ultra Running Community for Service 2019 Bronze Medal Essay Contest Scholarship, John and Abigal Adams Adams Scholarship, AP English, AP Computer Science Principals, Berkshire Innovation Center BETA (Berkshire E-Talent Accelerator) Program

Extracurriculars: Cross Country, Ultimate Frisbee, Morning Announcements, Dungeons and Dragons Club, Running Club

Future plans: Attending Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in the fall. Will pursue a degree in computer science with a concentration in software development.

Favorite quote: "Do not go gentle into that good night." — Dylan Thomas

Message from family: Isaac, we are so proud of everything you have achieved so far and look forward to seeing what you will do in the future. Your hard work and dedication have paid off and we have no doubt that great things await you in your future.

Parents' names: Robert and Jennifer Huberdeau